What should not be given as a gift

What should not be given as a gift

Superstitions related to gifts are somewhat frightening. Many gifts cause negative consequences in ancient superstitions, so there are things that should not be given.

Do not give cutting and sharp objects - knives, scissors, needles, pins, etc. According to ancient the Chinese, such a gift cuts human aura in two, and according to ancient Slavs this gift causes separation.

A handkerchief also portends separation, if a woman gave it to a man. Gifts of candles, which is quite common, especially on Christmas and New Year, according to ancient beliefs predict the funeral of a close one.

Never gave a large mirror. According to superstition, in order to preserve the energy of aging, everyone must choose a large mirror for their own home.

All women love pearls, but the pearls in ancient superstition predict much trouble and tears for the women, which got them, because of the person who gave them to her.

Before the wedding, a couple should not give each other books, because it predicts their separation.

Giving watches is considered a big blunder, because according to superstition, a clock indicates the time you have left until your death, and it is a reminder of this fact.

Pets are never given away, but sold. You can pay a token price of a small coin, but it must be paid. Otherwise, you will quarrel with the man who gave them to you and the animal soon dies.

Many women like to give their husbands underpants and socks when wondering what to choose. Moreover, such a gift is not too expensive, but useful.

According to ancient superstitions, giving socks portends early exit from a home, and gifts of briefs or boxers - that soon the man will cheat on his spouse.

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Comments (2)

19.01.2015 05:38
Never give your husband a watch as a gift, he will surely spend time with someone else. Never give your husband a new pair of shoes, he will soon walk out on you. Never buy your man a pair of bedroom slippers, he will surely leave them under someone else' bed. A female should never give a male friend a pair of socks or a tie, your friendship with one another will soon fade.
27.02.2014 23:45
Very well done!