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How to find out if you are cursed

How to find out if you are cursed

Magic and curses do not differ much. But while for a jinx is sufficient only to have an evil eye, it is necessary to have malicious interference for magic.

If lately you feel that for no apparent reason you have bad luck, use a pendulum at a new moon at midnight. Before this, take a large sheet of paper and pencil.

Draw the human figure - that is you. In the right write YES in large letters, to the left - write NO. With a little olive oil and thin paint brush put crosses on the head, abdomen and shoulders of the person.

You need a table with a candle in the four corners, the candle must bought in a church. Take a silver ring, tie a red thread to it, wrap it to your right index finger and the pendulum is ready.

Support your right elbow on the table, sit above the ring and ask questions. If the pendulum rotates in a circle or is stationary, the answer is "no."

If the pendulum swings left and right, the answer is positive. Your first question is: Is the pendulum ready to tell me the truth? Hold it over the word YES on the paper and if the answer is yes, continue with the questions.

One of them is obligatory: Am I cursed? If the pendulum responds positively to this question, place it over the word YES and ask it again.

Then thank the pendulum, make a cross, put out the candles, burn the paper and scatter the ashes outside. However, if the pendulum answers that you have dark ​​magic, work is waiting for you.

Hold the pendulum over your head, heart, lungs, stomach and over other parts of the body and ask, is everything okay here? Remember the answers.

Then say: Remove the curses, magic, blackness and diseases of the body. Hold the pendulum over the man, while you say this.

Then remove the thread from the ring, make a cross, put out the candles, burn the paper and scatter the ashes outside.



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