The Magnetic North Pole is shifting

The Magnetic North Pole is shifting

The north magnetic pole, which has nothing to do with the North Pole is moving rapidly to Russia, at about sixty-four km per year.

Mankind is threatened by problems with their transport systems, and birds navigate by the magnetic pole, and can not find a place for nesting.

Compasses will show south instead of north. This phenomenon occurs between three and seven times every one million years. The process itself is not surprising since the magnetic pole had moved some time ago.

This is probably related to changes that occur in the core. For the first time moving of the magnetic pole that is currently in Canada, was registered in 1831.


Initially, the pole was moving very slowly, but in 1904 its rate was already fourteen kilometers per year. In 1989 the rate again increased.

Because of the magnetic poles moving, especially aviation will suffer. Tampa Airport in Florida has renamed some of their tracks, which are determined by a compass needle.

Because of moving of the poles such renaming has to happen every five years since that time, as a compass needle deviates about one degree.

The exact location of the magnetic pole is necessary to determine the angle of drilling rigs for oil. Problems with migration will not only affect birds, but also whales and turtles.

Because of the magnetic pole moving inhabitants of North America will have a better opportunity to observe the northern lights. Nobody knows what will happen when changing of the two magnetic poles is finished.

Pole shift usually lasts about ten thousand years. The process is extremely slow, so that generations after us have nothing to worry about.


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