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A Magnetic Core on the Moon Once Generated a Magnetic Field

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In the past, the Moon had a magnetic core, which helped it generate a magnetic field - much more powerful than that of Earth's, says scientists in front of the Discovery channel.

The lunar magnetic field raises many questions even today, since its exact source is still unclear, even though there have been a number of missions to Earth's natural satellite.

During one of the Apollo missions, astronauts brought back samples which proved that there is no current global magnetic field on the Moon but only an unstable one, even though the models were magnetized.

According to researchers, this shows that there was a magnetic field on the Moon millions of years ago, believed to have been much more powerful than Earth's.


But whether it formed in the same way, experts still cannot tell for certain. There do exist postulations claiming that external forces led to the formation of the Moon's magnetic field.

For several years, scientific technology and computer simulations of a new generation have supported the theory that the Moon had a magnetic core like the Earth. A study by a team at MIT showed that it was even stronger than Earth's is now.

The data of several spacecraft from the Apollo missions showed that the Moon's magnetic field was born of a dynamo 4.2 billion to 3.6 billion years ago.

It is thought that the Moon's magnetic field reached up to 70 microteslas, in contrast to Earth's 50 microteslas.

It is also possible for the collisions with other celestial objects to have had an impact on the magnetic field of the Moon. To determine this, additional studies of the lunar core need to be carried out, to prove or disprove the hypothesis that part of the magnetic field formed from the circulation of molten iron, as it is on Earth.

Opponents of this theory claim that the lunar core is smaller and not as dense as Earth's, to generate a magnetic field in the same way.