After loss of consciousness girl can speak 120 languages

After loss of consciousness girl can speak 120 languages

Russian school girl Natasha Beketova from the town of Anapa can speak 120 spoken language without, having studied any of them. Among the languages that she currently possess are, Swahili, farce and ancient dialects. Natasha received regular couples in German in school.

Natasha was not a good student in general. She explains that when she was in ninth grade, she fails to control herself provoking the mathematics teacher to yell at her. Natasha become so scared that she collapsed. The nurse was called, but by this time Natasha has already recovered and began to speak an unknown language, which terrified everyone.

The English teacher realized that Natasha was speaking Old English.

Immediately she was taken to hospital and found to be completely healthy. She completely forgot her native Russian, but freely spoke Mongolian, Vietnamese, Spanish and Farsi. In addition, she spoke the dead languages of: Suamu, Haakon, Uavualu and others.

Moscow linguists watch in wonder. Natasha believes that these 120 languages are from her 120 previous lives. She tells of life in the primitive tribe in the medieval Japan, In England during the 17th century and in France during Napoleon.

We hang her name under the name of Titus Vallo, because she is convinced that in her last incarnation she was Scandinavian. Moreover, she easily spoke the Scandinavian words where there is simply no place where they can be learned.

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Comments (2)

Emil Alegado
Emil Alegado
23.06.2013 10:56
This is just another hoax.
Alex Rebrov
Alex Rebrov
21.11.2014 20:41
You can watch interviews with Natalia Beketova on YouTube, but in Russian. There you can see her speaking ancient Japanese, Arab and Turkish with the proper linguists. So, be sure - this is true! By the way, she started to speak different languages not after she lost consciousness, but when she started to speak - at about age of 2.
27.02.2013 03:06
Can you document your article thoroughly?
If she's capable of what you've described here, how come there's no international references related to this person or her actions?
Unfortunately, I guess it's just another hoax...

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