The mystery of talking crosses

The mystery of talking crosses

Mankind has always been interested in mysteries and secret puzzles.

Human nature is so arranged that the mysterious, enigmatic are unknown and irresistibly draws one in.

One of the many unsolved mysteries today are called. Talking crosses, discovered in the nineteenth century's Yucatan peninsula, speakers crosses have been deified by the extinct civilization of the Mayan. Long before the emergence of European Christians, Mayans worshiped this cross as a symbol. In Palenk, a well-preserved ancient Temple of the Cross, is one reason why the Mayans welcomed Christianity during the Spanish colonization.

Legends tell of a large timber Cross and Chan who suddenly started talking in the village. He urged Indians, descendants of Mayan to jihad against colonizers. Chan gathered local people and stayed on his knees before the cross. Influenced by the speaker Cross, the Indians attacked the colonizers and the revolt had spread throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. It is said that throughout, the cross guided them. In Long sanctuary was built on the cross.

After a while, another appeared in two other cross talking. They urged the Indians to kill every white who enter their lands.

Descendants of Mayan believe that their wins have been benefited from the talking crosses, which to this day stand in the holy city. The official religion of the free Indians to this day remains a cult of the three cross talking.

The mystery of talking crosses

The mystery of the talking cross has no such phenomenon in folklore or religion, nor in the cultural traditions of the Maya and the surrounding nations. Whether it will ever be revealed as truth is not clear, however there after the crosses do not speak again ....

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Comments (2)

22.03.2013 04:36
Interesting article and all, but the word "jihad" has been misused and many would find that offensive. A more appropriate term should be used.
14.09.2012 10:50
good informative

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