Historical Chronicles: Giants inhabited the land before us

Historical Chronicles: Giants inhabited the land before us

The historical chronicles of the XIX century often present reports of skeletons of unusually large sizes from various parts of the world.

In the year 1821 in Tennessee, USA, the remains of human skeletons were discovered in the stones of ancient walls. The skeletons were a staggering 215 centimeters in height. In 1883 in Utah during an excavation several graves were discovered of natives reaching to 195 centimeters in height although, the average height was in fact 130 centimeters or less.

During 1899 in the Ruhr area of Germany, fossilized skeletons of people were discovered, the heights ranged from 210 to 240 centimeters.

Historical Chronicles: Giants inhabited the land before us

1930 in Australia local miners discovered large footprints of human steps, judging by them anthropologists calculated the average height of the person was to be 365 centimeters!

China has also presented evidence of the existence of giants. Throughout the country fragments of teeth and jaws belonging to humans of a height of 3 to 3.5 meter and a weight of up to 400 pounds have been recovered!

A huge human jaw and long teeth of 5 inches were discovered by a farmer Stephen Walker in 1971 from Queensland.

In one of the oldest books entitled "History and Antiquity", located in the library of Oxford University, described a report on the discovery of a giant skeleton, made during the Middle Ages. "Giants were found buried in the ground 4 meters in depth and in full military attire. The length of the skeleton was 4.5 yards (4 m) and his teeth 6.5 inches (17 cm)''.

In 1936 the German paleontologist and anthropologist Larson Cole discovered the skeletons of giant people on the shore of Lake Eliza in Central Africa. 12 men buried in a mass grave, to have reached 375 centimeters height.

During in an excavation in Poland, excavators discovered evidence that during the World War II there were those 3 times bigger than the average modern man, uncovering fossilized skulls of up to 55 centimeters in height.

In South Africa's diamond mines in 1950 was a discovery of fragments from a huge skull measuring 45 centimeters in height. Over the brow two strange protrusions were discovered resembling horns. According to anthropologists investigating the discovery of the skull, it dated back to nine million years ago!

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12.03.2013 18:03
I would love some references for these different claims. Thanks!
10.03.2013 18:25
Interesting article...but for sake of continuity and clarity, it would be helpful if all measurements were in the same unit of measure. This article goes from cm (which you usually only use if it is something relatively small) to inches to yards and meters.
11.01.2013 16:56
unbelivble makes us wonder

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