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Giant bones discovered in a cave in Bavaria

Giant bones discovered in a cave in Bavaria

Daniel Fisher, a military photographer in the United States, moved in the post of multinational Joint Training Center in November 2007, he encountered giant bones in the Breitenwinner cave located in Bavaria, Germany.

"With two of my friends I accidentally discovered a mysterious place. Wearing a video camera with us we shot thousands of huge bones that probably belonged to Giants. Several times we went back in the cave and watched the video repeatedly. Ultimately we decided to make contact with scientists to announce the finding, after convincing its authenticity", says Daniel Fisher of California researcher Patrick Cook.

The researcher sees the film and is associated with the photographer for further information which he later revealed in the show Zone X. Daniel Fisher does not stop, in 2003 the researcher and his team encounter notes from afar in 1563, where he speaks of mountains and giant bones that accumulated in the cave Breitenwinner.

According to records from 1563, numerous remains were discovered, and to enter the cave part of a bone had to be moved. "They were amazingly long, as if dead Giants. They extend to the vault, under which stood a colossal skull, as nobody had never seen! " Nemec says 500 years ago.

Now the cave is difficult to reach because it is in the area of a military training base, but the film can be found free on the Internet. The short video is further evidence of the previous races that inhabited our lands, "says Cook. So far, he has examined more than 200 historical descriptions of giants worldwide.

Information is gathered from the legends, stories, chronicles and historical annals of the Incas, Aztecs and Toltec Indians and aborigines, Europeans, Australians and Asians.

Whole Book of Giants contains also the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fragments of the Book of Enoch, which is part of the scrolls tell how 200 angels seduced mortal women to men. Unusual marriages of offspring raised men of 14-meters. Colossi in the Bible are also numerous, the most famous of these is the Goliath.

In the XIX century the process of the conquest of North America enter the United States cavalry in battle with a local tribe whose fighters are exposed above the high meters. After seen to be the largest of the tribe, some were moved to reserves.

Participating generals say that people are not slain because they were too high and had white skin.

Giant bones discovered in a cave in Bavaria

The government issued an order to load the slain and to be moved to the Institute Smitsan in Washington. The archives of the Institute indicate that giant bones were actually stored in it.

In the period from 1792 to 1965, archaeologists do not stop to dig up the remains of giants in 16 U.S. states. According to some explorers of North America, the Titans reached a height of 8 meters.

In Agadir, Morocco, the French captain opened full military weapons, 500 axes, weighing over 15 kg. Fighters who were carrying these axes were at least 4 meters high and had huge hands.

Interesting is the case when in the remote year of 692, a group of archaeologists opened a tomb near Angers, France. It found a skeleton, of length was 5 meters.



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03.05.2013 09:36
They did exist but unfortunately "modern" man has often ignored and hidden what they cant explain. In some cases they actually destroyed large footprints that were discovered alongside those of dinosaurs. They cant explain or replicate how some structures were created because they try to use current mens strentgh and height. Just imagine how different and easier it would be able to explain that intelligent "giants" actually built many of these structures. Just imagine the difference in strength of those people.
25.07.2012 19:15
Giant really existed.