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Legend of Bloody Mary

Legend of Bloody Mary

In the dense forests of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania in a small house lived an old lady who collected herb for sale. The woman was called by people in the region, Bloody Mary.

Nobody dares to approach her, because everybody knew she was an evil witch, reports the Russian media.

It so happened that the region was struck by misfortune, little girls began to disappear without a trace. Parents suggest that Bloody Mary was involved and some of them gathered the courage and visited her.

Despite their exhortations there was nothing to suggest that she had anything to do with the disappearance of the children, however, some farmers noticed that she had changed and the witch had more of a youthful look.

One night the daughter of the Miller got out of bed and went outside the house as she was attracted by strong lights. The parents tried to stop the girl, but she was irresistibly tempted by the light coming from the nearby forest.

Miller, his wife, neighbors and the farmers started watching the girl. Approaching the woods, they saw Bloody Mary, which was holding the rod of light in her hands aimed at the Miller house.

Seeing the people broke the witch's spell. The neighbor of the Miller managed to shoot her in the leg with a silver bullet and managed to catch Bloody Mary and threw her to the stake.

After her death, the farmers discovered near her house in the forest the graves of the missing girls. The witch killed them and drank their blood to rejuvenate herself.



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