More sleep, smarter children

More sleep, smarter children

Less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the child's intellectual level of 20-30%, scientists have calculated. Their conclusion is that kids have to go to bed on time and not hang with the adults at the table or watching TV. Especially useful is a small siesta.

According to the American David Folks what the child sees in the dream depends on the child's age. According to his studies of 3-4 year old kids they dream most often of animals or playing in their usual place. 5-6 year olds dream of relatives and acquaintances.

In 9-12 year olds they dream of the home, the street or of school. Girls of this age often have a pleasant, happy dreams, and the boys argue and fight.

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23.09.2012 20:59
I don't sleep very much and i kow that's not good for me!

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