Women dream more nightmares than men

Women dream more nightmares than men

Women dream more nightmares than men because they find it more difficult to exclude their emotions at the end of the day, studies show.

Women carry their concerns to their dreams and continue to experience emotions while they sleep, the researchers found. They studied 193 men and women volunteers, at the University of West England in the City of Bristol. When they were asked to record their last sleep, 19% of men reported that they dreamed nightmares to 34 percent of women. Their emotions were recorded in diaries.

Jennifer Parker, Professor of psychology at the University who conducted the survey said they first examined the differences between the nightmares of men and women.

"Our results show that the number of nightmares that men and women have are different, more women dream nightmares and they are highly emotionally charged, " she explains.

"I think these results show that women more often than men carry their concerns in their dreams, they find it more difficult to exclude them, " Parker believes. According to her woman's nightmares can be divided into three categories, Prosecution or threat of life, loss of a dear person and confused dreams.

"Interestingly, looking at the content of nightmares the men and women experience the same things, but women experience them more". Another study concluded that women dream more often of family members, they have more negative emotions and less aggression than in the dreams of men.


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