Having These Kinds of Dreams? If so, Something in your Life isn`t Right


Nightmares are the clearest sign that there's something in your life that's bothering you and according to the latest research, there are several main types of dreams that indicate that you're not feeling well.

Even if you consciously feel that everything's all right and there's nothing to worry about, nothing can fool your subconscious, while through your dreams you can forge a link to the emotions that you find difficult to admit.

According to a survey of 200 individuals with mental health problems, the nightmares they experience fall into 9 major plot categories: falling, chasing, attacking, paralyzing fear, being trapped in a tight space, fire, being naked, getting lost, darkness.

The volunteers in Dr. Net Weinstein's survey had to share their most troubling dreams, while at the same time keeping a journal of their emotional state.

They would write down the events of the day, then describe in detail the nightmares they experienced that night. At the end, they compared what had occurred during the day and what they had dreamed of as a consequence.

The results revealed that people who felt dissatisfied with their life at the moment or were depressed, had nightmares more often. It indicated that there was something in their daily lives that greatly troubled them.


Conclusively, if you feel you're stuck in a rut or don't like your life the way it is currently, your dreams will show it, the study claims.

If you dream you're being attacked or that you're falling, you have a negative mindset and need to deal with the source of it in order to restore your good night's sleep.

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