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Still not really clear why we sleep

Sleeping bear

For decades, scientists are trying to unravel the mechanism of sleep and still have not succeeded in clarifying this matter.

According to the allegations of U.S. experts in sleep and, supported by their colleagues from around the world, one thing is certain: mammals die without sleep.

Sleeping bear

Continued absence of sleep leads to hallucinations, changes in mood and in some cases even death.

There are two phases of sleep, in which the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids, and the other which do not move quickly.

That in which the eyes move slowly are to conserve energy, and virtually stops the aging of the body, this is something like quiescent sleep. Metabolism is slowed and the processes in the body are running very slowly.

In the other phase, which eyes are moving very fast, whilst dreaming. Means then the brain is very active and according to scientists this stage helps the brain to sort memories.



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Comments (1)

24.05.2013 23:08
I wonder what animal had to die in order for scientists to figure out mammals die without sleep. I'm normally not one of "those" kinds of people, but it does make me wonder.