Sleep less, to live more

Sleep less, to live more

A survey of Canadian scientists show that people who sleep 6-7 hours instead of 8, die less often prematurely. According to statistics the french sleep the most in all of Europe, meaning the whole 9 hours. The Spanish sleep 40 minutes less than all the remaining Europeans.

More than 6 years of our lives are spent dreaming. As we become older, we spend more time sleeping. Not all people have the chance to dream in color. Only 80 percent of the world's population dreams in color, others see everything in black and white. Blind people also dream.

While snoring is not dreaming. Snoring is a phase of slow sleep, meaning virtually nothing happens in our head. However it is not that nothing is happening in our head it is just that we do not remember.

Dreams help to identify approaching illness. For example, if you often dream that one was wounded in the chest, possibly after a few months a serious respiratory illness will be established.

There is a phobia of sleep. People who suffer from it, panic fear sleep. In the Guinness Book of Records one has made a record for the longest time stayed awake, 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes.

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19.06.2013 09:08
I think the canadians need to understand the that stress levels on the body are different in every country, every zone of this planet. Living or dying isn't determined only by sleep patterns. The body is like a battery. It needs charging and sleep is the charging factor.
Infact I'd suggest the scentists in canada take some time off and sleep so they can understand sleep better.

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