Most dreams run from 5 to 20 minutes

Most dreams run from 5 to 20 minutes

Colorful dreams are prevalent. Even if you do not remember, practically every story whose characters are based on information are obtained through touch, smell and sound. In ancient Rome there was a tradition of dream notables to be discussed in the Senate.

The meaning of each dream can be divided into several levels. For example a man dreams that he is trying to quell the fire. Explanations as the levels are:

First level /top/ - dreamer sleeps in a warm room.

Second level /lower/ - dreamer to sleep before he spoke or saw televised fire.

Third level /more low/ - dreamer experiencing subconscious fear that suffers from any infection / sleep often associated with fire, and fire.

Fourth level /lowest/ - person experiencing anxiety related to impending radical changes whose outcome is unpredictable.

On the lower level the dream can be interpreted, the more deeper the subconscious the more there is to include in the interpretation which, selects the appropriate symbols to warn consciousness for upcoming events.

Subconscious has information on the physical and mental condition of the individual and according to them, seeks to establish a prognosis for the development of future situations to suggest, the most favorable outcome.

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