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Find out your Horoscope for February!

St Valentine's Day

The month of February comes without a full moon, although this provides only an illusory calm. The full moon is actually of great import for the relations between people because it helps put an end to unhealthy relationships, get rid of everything harmful and allow one to start with a clean slate.

Without a full moon, the month may be a harmonious one but we might also never find out about the drama swirling all around us, in which we've also been caught up in inadvertently.

That's why it's important that we carefully choose who to trust in the coming weeks and decide how close we let others into our lives. We're advised not to be overly trusting of new individuals just because they happen to entice with sweet words.

The solar eclipse will also be an event of significance, occurring in the middle of the month. On February 15 we may find ourselves feeling confused about our impressions of the world and expressing conflicting behavior.

That is why we're advised to spend more time in solitude and not undertake important or risky endeavors. The closer we stick to our routine tasks, the better.

The end of the month is also going to be a special time, when endeavors or issues that have been on our minds since December 2017 will finally find progress.


New opportunities for realization will open up before you this February. You're going to recognize that you have more potential than you had presumed. Your desire to experiment on new fronts is going to help you reach ever greater peaks in your career and in love. After February 18th, start looking more closely at the details. The seemingly insignificant at first glance signs will give you important information.


This month, the most important subjects for you are going to be: business, finance, your relations with your higher ups and your social life. You may feel unsatisfied with your job and desire to change your career path. You may reach this decision after bumping heads with your higher ups. Luckily you'd be able to quickly find a new job. However, before you move to it it'd be best if you thought over your goals again.


Up until February 18 you're going to be taking a keen interest in events having to do with people who are abroad. You may realize a project with foreigners or start a long-distance relationship with a person from another country. Toward the end of the month, your ambitions to grow in your career will rise, just as you focus all of your efforts primarily toward professional successes.


Throughout the first 2 weeks of the month, the setting around you is going to be unsettling and quick to change. You're definitely not going to be able to count on the support of coworkers and friends. As such, don't take risky endeavors and don't hold your breath for aid from others. After February 15, there's going to be a growing risk of physical injuries. Be careful when driving and avoid operating heavy machinery.


February is going to be emotional and full of events. You may even begin a new romantic or professional partnership. It's also possible that your romantic relationship will seriously progress

to the point of marriage. Whatever surprises are in store for you, it's key that you abstract yourself from your past experience and not compare current events to past ones. Otherwise there lies a danger of becoming confused and hindering your own self.


During February, your daily life is going to be subject to the whims of others and it will be entirely your own fault. Due to a lack of courage, you're going to be inert and passive. You're not going to have the courage to stand up for your feelings and desires because you're going to be out of tune with yourself and feel unsatisfied with your life. If you continue in this manner in March as well, you're not going to get far!


The time that will allow you to take a breather from work is finally coming in February. A period of more fun and less obligations is on the horizon. If you possess a talent, you'll be able to devote yourself to your creativity and shine with your artistic abilities. After February 18, focus on your health. It's nigh time you resolved problems that have been plaguing you for some time.


Throughout February it's going to be difficult for you to live within boundaries and constantly minding the imperatives of older relatives or higher ups. At some point you're going to lose the reins on your escalating negative emotions and start rebelling. Your temperamental reaction is going to stun your counterparts but also remind them of who they're dealing with. At the end of the month you're going to discover a new hobby that relaxes you. You're finally going to put your emotions in check and harmonize your contacts.


Throughout February you're going to feel an influx of energy and the desire to achieve more in the professional or personal aspects. Pursue your goals but stay away from negative and unstable individuals that try to discourage you with their constant whining. Toward month's end, focus on your family and daily tasks. Your home requires refreshment and better maintenance.


The events throughout the month of February are going to require you to exhibit qualities such as virtue, calmness, humbleness and maturity. If you manage to retain your self-composure and not react based on your primal emotions, you're easily going to resolve every one of your problems. But if you follow your impulses, that is not going to be the case.


Throughout February you're going to be concerned primarily with yourself. You're going to increase your focus on your outer appearance and try to make yourself as attractive as possible in the eyes of those around you. At the same time, their problems are going to be your least concern. The solar eclipse on February 15 is going to bring an important change to your life, one that you're not going to be ready for, however. Quite likely it'll be difficult for you to keep things under control.


During the first 10 days of February you're going to prefer to spend more time in solitude, carrying out most of your conversations in the virtual world. After that you're going to feel a strong urge to change your life and communicate more comprehensively with your friends and loved ones. Your vanity will also increase, in turn leading to changes in your appearance. By the end of the month you're going to have a new image and new love to enjoy.