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Man Chops his Dad into Pieces and Uses his Body as TV Stand

Antonia R.Antonia R.

28-year-old Nathan Robinson chopped his 352 lb (160 kg) father William into pieces, then used his lifeless body as a TV stand.

First to suspect anything were Robinson's downstairs neighbors after they witnessed blood dripping from the ceiling of their bathroom. Police were shocked once they came upon the horrifying scene.

The killer packed the body parts of his 48-year-old father into bottles and jars and placed the larger part of the 352 lb (160 kg) body under the TV.

Authorities announced that the murder weapon was a knife, while the dead body was later cut up using a saw. Initially, 28-year-old Nathan denied any wrongdoing but later admitted the whole truth.

The incident took place in Scotland, with the actual murder committed in May of this year, even though the body was found just now. Robinson told police that he killed his father in such a cruel manner after an argument about money.

After slicing up his father's body, the killer cleaned up the scene of the crime with a steam cleaner and hoped that all evidence had been destroyed.

Throughout all of the months when his father's corpse was in front of him, Nathan pretended that he was not dead and continued living as before. When William's other loved ones asked to talk to him, his son told them that everything was okay at home.

Neighbors describe Nathan as a very calm person and are terrified by the vicious scene that played out several feet from their own homes.

The murderer confessed to authorities that the crime happened over 36 000 British pounds, which William promised to loan his son so he could go on vacation in Thailand.

But at the same time, William's old debts got in the way of his keeping his promise. Once the son realized that the vacation in Thailand wouldn't be happening, fearsome anger and aggression arose within him and led him to chop up his father.

However the experts have not found any type of serious psychological health issues in the man. The investigation continues.