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Asia Man Awaits his 34th Grandchild

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Asia Man Awaits his 34th Grandchild

In the Indian village of Baktawng, Mizoram state, lives the 200-member family of Ziona Chana. The now 70-year-old Indian man has 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren and 14 daughters-in-law. Besides these, 14 other stepdaughters also carry his name. They all live together.

The 4-story house the family shares is called Chhuanthar Run - The House of the New Generation, and has 100 rooms total. It has its own school and woodworking shop. As well, it has a ranch with livestock, plus a rice field and a huge garden. Members of the family live together in large dorms. The only one with his own room is the head of the family.

Ziona Chana is the leader of a Christian sect which approves of polygamy. The Chana sect itself encompasses 400 families and an unknown number of men and women.

Ziona married his first 10 wives all within a single year. His first love is currently 69 years old and is still the one who dictates his other relationships and distributes the household chores among the rest.

The discipline at the house is military-like, with the older women doing all of the chores. Every day they peel over 132 lb (60 kg) of potatoes, cook 30 chickens and boil 220 lb (100 kg) of rice to feed everyone in the family. Besides the chores, the family's daily routine also consists of a lot of prayer.

The youngest wife of the Indian man's harem is 30 years old. He married her in 2012. 22 of his other wives are under the age of 40. 37-year-old Ngaizuali is considered to be his favorite, since she has the honor of combing her master's hair every day.

Each wife must spend 1 full week with Ziona. They share his bed on a rotational basis. Each of them has said that she loves her husband to death and would never leave him, under any circumstances.

The prolific Ziona is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the head of the world's largest existing family. He sees his harem as a gift from God and has not ceased looking for new wives, even announcing that he's willing to go to the US to find a wife there.