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American Man Films a Shadowy Being by his Bed

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American Mike Pike, who suffers from sleep paralysis, photographed a strange shadowy being which appears briefly above his bed while he's sleeping.

Pike shares that for some time he's been waking up during the night and seeing a shadowy figure at his feet, that's been looking at him. Often while sleeping, the man had sensed that he wasn't alone in the room.

Mike Pike suffers from sleep paralysis, which means that shortly after waking, he is unable to move until he fully wakes up.

Frightened by the figure that had been observing him for some time, Mike decided to mount a camera by his bed so as to record everything that happened around him while he slept.

Cloaked Ghost

As he had expected, the camera captured a shadowy being hovering over him.

"I'm a rationalist and skeptic. I've never been interested in the paranormal, but my experiment showed that it can actually exist, " said Mike.

At the 30 second mark of the video, a sinister black fog can be seen appearing by Mike's bed and then mysteriously vanishing toward the ceiling.

"I watched the scenes over and over, trying to find a logical explanation about the image that looks like a ghost but was unable to come up with anything, " shared Mike.

He also explained that after watching the video, he can no longer sleep in his room.


According to scientists, the condition of sleep paralysis, also known as hypnagogia, induces visions of shadowy people. In hypnagogia, a person imagines that he has become part of a fantasy world without considering what's happening in reality.

During sleep paralysis, the victim experiences irrational fear, chest pressure, while images of dark beings appear before their eyes.

Sleep paralysis is encountered either while falling asleep or while waking up.

For now, Mike Pike's video is still being analyzed for authenticity, but the video is already on YouTube with the name "Man films ghostly manifestation hovering over bed while he sleeps."