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The Stars` Advice for you Today - October 13


Today will allow you to resolve many of your problems and realize your plans but it is wise to heed some points of advice. Note that in the morning hours, specifically between 4 AM UTC and 7 AM UTC, the Moon will be void of course.

You're advised not to have too high expectations toward people and events in this period and to be more cautious. It's possible that the situations that come up will not match your own prognoses or that things will simply be going slower than normal.

As such, you have to maintain maximum composure and if your initial plans aren't implemented, you need to go to plan B. After 7 AM, the day will start being much more productive, as the Moon enters Leo.

Through more discipline, self-confidence, hard-work and purposefulness, you'll be able to bring some kind of order to your life.


Aries are going to devote the day to love. Those who have a partner are going to feel the need to prove their feelings to them and shower them with attention. Single Aries are also going to be most excited about their personal life. A person of interest will likely manage to remind them of somewhat forgotten thrills.


Today, the eccentric idea of reorganizing your home is likely to pop into your head. But no matter how good of an idea this may seem, you're not advised to take any specific actions before first discussing the subject with the other inhabitants of your home. It's possible that they won't approve.


The stars portend that the day will present Geminis a series of happy moments and joyous news. Those of you who are persistently trying to achieve a specific goal will finally be in sight of it. Only a short gap remains between you and it. You just need to continue fighting for it with the same perseverance.


The day is going to begin exceptionally smoothly for representatives of Cancer and this is going to become the reason why they'll find themselves in a very complex situation. Out of boredom, Cancers are going to make a huge mess and will have to provide serious explanations to their loved ones. They may even risk friendships and romantic relationships.


Today, your soul is going to be caught in a torrent of contradictions. On the one hand, you're going to wish you could embark on a new adventure or a new relationship but on the other, you're going to get the feeling that the risk is too high. And indeed, if you allow your fears to engulf you completely, you yourself are going to give up on the opportunity for a new experience.


No matter how serious some of your problems may seem during the 1st part of the day, try not to focus on them. The stars reveal that this is only a short, negative period which is going to dissipate by the end of the day. Amidst the pleasant conversations of the afternoon hours you'll save yourself from your gloomy outlook and realize that your dilemmas aren't nearly that terrifying.


Libras are going to find it hard to contain their emotions today. So if anyone inspires them to reveal their affection, they will do so in the most beautiful and sentimental way. But if anyone gutsy enough to provoke their anger shows up, they'll definitely find it difficult to deal with Libra's wrath.


Scorpios are going to be quite clever, calculating and goal-oriented today. They are going to deviously manipulate their counterparts, playing on their heart strings and achieving their intentions. A member of their social circle is going to see through their clever tactic and try to confront them.


Sagittarii are going to be presented the opportunity to enrich their world views today by meeting interesting people and sharing their time with them. The experiences they're going to have today will let them see life in a new light and change their outlook on many issues.


Today, Capricorns are going to be torn by doubt that they're not doing enough for their loved ones. But the stars advise them to get rid of these worries from their mind because they are completely unfounded. Further, at this particular moment representatives of this sign shouldn't be thinking about others but about themselves. They are in fact the ones that need a break, support and understanding at this time.


You're going to have great desire to advise people and poke your nose in the choices they're making. But the stars advise you to refrain from such deeds. Even if you think that your viewpoint is the best possible one, that won't be the case for others. Any attempt of yours to get involved in another's life would only cause quarrels.


Your day will be dogged by annoying misunderstandings due to your absent-mindedness. You may forget your keys or wallet at home or forget to charge your phone's battery and be unable to get in contact with important people. So be more concentrated and careful.



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