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Find out your Daily Horoscope for February 23


Starting today, the Moon is in Gemini. This makes the day productive and active. The stars allow us to work on issues related to the exchange of thoughts, information, ideas, to travels and the formulation of documents.

To avoid mistakes, take care not to start on everything at once. Should you do so you'll quickly lose focus and direction. Finish everything important that's on the table.

Until 9:00 UTC, the Sun and Moon are going to be in a tense aspect. This demands that you concentrate and not be bothered by the small inconveniences. Past that hour you'll no longer be so distracted and fussy. Your good mood will return after 16:00 UTC.


You can devote your entire day to your favorite pastime - socializing with people. It won't be until the evening that you'll finally find time for yourself. The desire to stay at home arises even in you sometimes. Don't fight it - consider it an opportunity to take a breather.


People are very important to you. Through your contact with them you draw strength and energy. But you're going to learn that this source isn't unlimited. Heed your intuition and decide to what degree you're truly satisfied. If something isn't right, several ideas about how to improve the situation will pop into your head.


Be especially careful with finances and long-term investments. It's not easy to resist the urge to invest money in a very promising venture but it would be wiser if you were to go for something more dependable. The positive trends in the professional aspect are going to be inspiring. Opportunities are emerging which you would have never even dared dream of before. You're not going to complain about lack of attention from the opposite sex either. You can rely on your intuition without worry.


Be extremely cautious and careful because the stars warn of the possibility of failures and losses. Taking risks today is not recommended. Only show initiative when it's necessary. When it comes to business affairs, follow your reasoning. You tend to see your desires as reality, to follow your emotions and to make promises you can't keep. This will lead you to a world of trouble. You're not going to be feeling particularly well throughout the day.


Today is your day. Take the risk to look as if you were a super confident person and you won't go wrong. You have many reasons to be happy and proud. Others' opinions don't matter in the least because they're limited and ignorant. Step away from any situation that's morally destructive. Look for positively minded allies and leave ill-wishers to their self-pity.


Your beloved simply isn't taking you seriously. If you don't wish to be seen as a clown, you're going to need a lot of patience, strong nerves and convincing facts. This way you'll avoid misunderstanding between you.


Friendship is of utmost importance to you. You can be proud that you've grown up next to a wise and caring ally, who is always ready to support others. But it is they who are currently going through tough times. Despite this you must not blame yourself for others' mistakes. They must deal with the consequences of their actions. The only thing you can do is firmly reassure them that they can always count on you.


Don't take responsibility for others and don't leave them to depend on you. Working by yourself isn't much fun at all but at least it's more effective than joint projects at the moment. You're becoming less talkative than usual, which is something your loved ones are going to see as strange. Don't give them reasons for suspicion and jealousy, as these would only strain relations to the max. You're not advised to make purchases or even visit supermarkets, especially in the afternoon.


Today you're turning into a person who wants to grab life by the horns. You're trying to hide your whims from others but it's not working out too well. As the day progresses your inner need for love, compassion and attention will rise. You'll achieve recognition, home comfort and emotional harmony with the person you love. The moment is suitable for carrying out secret orders and meetings.


No one has the right to threaten you or pressure you, so don't allow it. Even if you miss important deadlines, no one has the right to get in your face about it. The only important thing is that you know what you're doing. Your attempts to maintain peace and agreement are doomed to fail. Conflicts become real but fortunately will lead to smarter decisions.


Before you lies an extremely tense day. Stress may come from the most unsuspected sources - whether your mother-in-law comes to visit or your loved ones serve you up an unpleasant surprise, no one knows. The stars advise you not to get upset over little things and instead focus on one thing that actually matters.


An unpleasant conversation with a loved one is going to leave behind a bad aftertaste but you don't have a choice. Be ready to make significant relinquishments and give up on certain plans. Even in so doing you won't be able to completely satisfy the expectations of others. Your attempts to defend your interests are seen as the start of a war. Still, the day is suitable for communicating with friends, acquaintances and even strangers. In their company you're going to feel confident and comfortable.