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Find out your Daily Horoscope for July 20


The Moon is now in Scorpio and this will drive you to bolder action, even in risky situations. Events are happening very quickly and you need to react adequately to the changes.

Don't be tempted to slow things down and close your eyes to the difficulties. You need to be bold, energetic and even slightly reckless. Today, this will be beneficial to you.

Due to the tense aspect between the Moon and Uranus, it's possible that you'll feel dissatisfaction and irritation in the earliest hours of the day. Try not to pay too much mind to it, pursue your goals instead.

The lunchtime hours are very suitable for decisive actions. They are going to prove to be beneficial for your business, as well as for your love life. Keep your eyes wide open in the afternoon.

There's another period of conflicts and tensions on the horizon. Certain home issues may divide members of your family.


Forget about work problems and disagreements. Spend the day in friendly company and try to go to another place, at least mentally. Your friends will lighten the mood with interesting proposals and ideas. They may even introduce you to an interesting new individual that will blow your mind.


Listen carefully to the opinions of your coworkers - today their advice is going to be wise and insightful. But don't overlook your own intuition completely either. Your inner voice also has something worth saying. Utilize the guidance in order to finish all of your tasks at work. It's best to postpone the ideas affecting your creativity for the 2nd half of the day.


Your disagreements with loved ones today will take a backseat. The setting around you is calm and allows for peaceful conversations. Use the moment to find common subjects and get closer. A little time spent together will do you good. But do not forget to check your phone from time to time as well - you're going to receive an interesting call.


Don't take the criticism aimed at you too personally, even if there's a ton of it. Get past the bitterness and rein in your emotions for now. Today is a day for diplomatic conversations and compromises. That's why the stars advise that you listen to any advice and change some of your annoying habits.


Stay far away from the controversy in the collective around you. There's a danger of you being drawn into arguments and scandals, even if you have nothing to do with them. Focus on your own issues instead and don't poke your nose into others' business. The farther away you are from any drama, the better for you. You have plenty of other problems anyway, on top of it all.


The time has come for you to think about changing your image. Go shopping and renew your wardrobe. Get a new haircut too. Changing up your appearance will help raise your self-confidence and make you feel better in your own skin. And who knows, you may even attract new admirers!


You try to be levelheaded in every situation and this is usually very helpful but today it's about time you showed the world your true feelings. So forget about self-control for a bit and be open. Show others what lies in your soul. Let them realize that you're quite an emotional individual after all.


Let your imagination run wild. The day is going to be very beneficial for those of you who love to float around in the clouds and enjoy incredible imagination. But the main thing is who you share your dreams and plans with. If you reveal them to inappropriate people, they may be thwarted. Make sure you only reveal them to the right people.


Be careful about what kinds of adventures you go on today. Some risky undertakings may seem very sweet, whiles others bring bitterness. Do not start on the next adventure alone. You're going to need a close ally whom you can count on during the difficult times.


Your day is going to be filled with lots of laughter and tranquil events. But before you have fun, make sure to take care of your outer appearance. Freshen up your wardrobe with more colorful, summer clothes, this will be good for your mood, as well as relations with the opposite sex. Feel free to flirt tonight. It's time to show everyone how good you are at the love game!


There isn't going to be any shortage of beautiful and vibrant impressions today. Be bold when searching to meet new people and when flirting. Communicating with more members of the opposite sex is not going to hurt you. It will in fact make you more confident and experienced. Prepare to meet up with friends and for some curious news tonight.


It's a great day for going to cultural events. You simply must go to an art gallery, the movies or some social event and have your family come as well. Sharing similar experiences together will give you new things to talk about and help you learn more about your relatives.