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A Miracle! An Indonesian Woman Gave Birth to a Lizard

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The neighbors of 31-year-old Debi Nubatonis accused her of being a witch and want to lynch her because she gave birth to a lizard.

The midwife, who was present at the birth, confirmed that the woman did indeed give birth to a small lizard, with the reptile having even been connected to the woman's womb with an umbilical cord.

Debi Nubatonis said that she carried the animal an entire 8 months before giving birth to it, with even the medics from Indonesia confirming her words.

The authorities in the country have put together a commission to investigate the strange case.


According to scientists, it is impossible for a woman to give birth to a baby of a different animal species.

However, locals believe in the extraordinary emergence of the lizard, labeling the 31-year-old Debi as a witch who needs to be killed.

The strange birth took place in the beginning of May in the remote village of Oenunto, where the midwife explains that she was called in to deliver the baby of a local woman.

Once the midwife arrived it was too late to transport the 31-year-old Indonesian woman to a hospital, so she gave birth in her own home, but not to a child, but a small lizard.

Once her neighbors found out that Debi Nubatonis had given birth to a reptile, they immediately labeled her as a witch and gathered around her home, threatening to murder her and her relatives.


The frenzied neighbors were then quieted by the lead doctor of the province, who promised that the case would be investigated.

Locals shared that Debi showed all the symptoms of pregnancy during the 8 months in which they believed that she was carrying a child.

The Indonesian woman's friends say that it is possible for the reptile to have slipped inside her without her noticing, while she worked in the field.

More than half a year ago, the woman sensed a movement in her belly and thought that she would be expecting a child.

Everyone involved has given testimony in the case and even though more than a month has now passed since the unusual birth, the experts still cannot provide a logical explanation for this phenomenon.