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Old Chinese Woman Gives Birth to Stone Baby

Stone baby

An elderly woman from China shocked relatives and even herself, when she gave birth to a stone baby, report media.

Huang Yijun, from South China, became pregnant back in 1948 but unfortunately the fetus did not survive. It remained in her body and was supposed to be removed surgically.

Medical experts told the stricken mother that she would have to pay 100 yuan to undergo the operation. The woman was quite worried but after giving it some thought decided that the sum was way too high and left the hospital without having surgical intervention.

"It was a lot of money. My family could only earn that much after several years, " shares the Chinese woman.

So the dead fetus remained in the woman's body and she continued to live life as before. Decades later however, in 2009, the dead infant suddenly decided to make its presence known. The 92-year-old woman began experiencing severe abdominal pains. Since they would not go away, she finally agreed to see a doctor.

The medical expert initially attributed the abdominal pain to the typical diseases seen in older patients. But after testing, he found that they were dealing with a highly more unusual health problem.

"I could not believe what I found. I have 40 years of experience but this was the 1st time that I encountered such a phenomenal case, " explains Dr. Liu Anbin excitedly, the 1st to learn of Huang Yijun's condition.

The physicians from the Obstetrics and Gynecology department were also stunned beyond belief. The experts explain that when the vital functions of the fetus cease while it's still in the womb, the tissue breaks down over time and the body discards it. But for reasons unclear, this did not occur in Huang Yijun's case.

Dr. Anbin and his colleagues subjected the elderly woman to various tests, in order to deal with the specific case in the most adequate way possible. Ultimately they decided that the problem could only be resolved by operation.