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Ying and Yang working with nature

Full Moon

The energies of Ying and Yang also depend on the different moon phases. As we already know, the moon has a significant influence on our behavior.

During a full moon, one would seem to be displaying more Yang energy, making you feel more active and open to communication. During a new moon, one will see that the energies of Ying come into play. It is during these times of the lunar cycles, that it is best for businesses to advertise and promotes their companies. One should also try and remember that leading into a new moon, one to be more peaceful and spend time reflecting on one’s self and concentrate on your mental wellbeing.

The elements of Ying and Yang also depend greatly on the season. It is important for one to note that Ying energy is at its highest in the winter months and Yang energy is at its peak in the summer months. As Ying energy is predominant during autumn and winter, it is during these months that one should be evaluating situations and leave the innovations of active discovery for the spring and summer months.