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Yearly Horoscope 2016 - Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Horoscope 2016

Cancer - Changes in your relations with loved ones are coming

This year you'll have to rethink your relationships with others. Decide who among them deserve your love and trust and do not lose those who have proven themselves over the years under any circumstances.

Be bolder if you wish to realize your goals. Put your energy into your work, not in the people around you, so that you don't make them obsess or frighten them. Find a new hobby that can help you grow further.

The year will be a good one in the financial aspect; you can count on reliable sources of income. Use the information and new knowledge in order to grow professionally. Invest the majority of your time in your work.


Non-singles need to once again light the spark in their relationship if these do not wish to lose it. Former partners may appear, allowing you to clear up past mistakes. Those of you seeking a new love will have better chances for a new relationship in the last months of the year.

Leo - Material and professional successes lie ahead

Your material state will improve in 2016. You may buy a new home, car or other large-scale purchase. Expected and desired changes are coming, ones that will not bring you additional problems.


An excellent year is coming professionally. You have great opportunities to grow and move forward if you rely on your own talents and skills. If your work doesn't fulfill you, seek a different field in which to express yourself.

If you put effort into your love relationship and are ready to sacrifice some of your desires in the name of your partner, your relationship will survive the challenges.

But if you succumb to nothing but clowning around and run away from responsibility, you will break up with your partner by the end of the year. For singles this period isn't suitable for falling in love.


Virgo - Radical changes to come

You'll undertake many new changes throughout the year. You may grow apart from people you no longer get along with as well as you used to in the past or leave behind character traits that are preventing you from moving forward. Many obstacles will arise this year but each and every one of them will present you with new opportunities.

Prepare to learn new things and trust in your past experience to solve the problems. Don't compromise with your feelings and don't overwhelm yourself with tasks.

In 2016 you'll let your career take a backseat in order to spend more time with your family. Let someone else at work manage things. You'll completely rid yourself of any illusions in love.

A breakup is possible after you realize that you're not getting what you want. Singles need to be careful with any potential partners so they don't end up disappointed.