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Baba Vanga's Prophecies for the Next 1000 Years

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga has made prophecies for the next 1000 years. Many believe that the phenomenal seer has made crucial and accurate predictions about the future.

The prophecies of Baba Vanga by year:

2018 - China will be the world's leader;

2023 - The Earth's orbit will change;

2028 - A new alternative energy source will be created. Hunger will gradually be overcome. There will be a flight to the Venus;

2033 - The polar ice caps will begin melting at a very rapid rate;

2043 - Europe will be predominantly inhabited by Muslims;

2046 - Diseased human organs will be successfully replaceable by healthy ones;

2066 - The Americans will invent a new weapon that affects the weather;

2100 - A 2nd, artificial sun will shine above the Earth;

2111 - The 1st cyborgs will walk on our planet;

2123 - There will only be military action between small countries, without the big ones getting involved;

2125 - Hungary will receive a message from space;

2130 - Humanity will go live underwater;

2164 - Animals will be turned into half humans using advanced technology;

2167 - A new one world religion will arise;

2170 - There will be a global drought;

2183 - Humans will colonize Mars and proclaim themselves independent;

2256 - Spaceships will bring a horrifying disease to Earth;

2262 - A comet will collide with Mars;

2273 - A new race will appear on Earth;

2288 - Time travel will be possible, while humans on Earth will make 1st contact with extraterrestrials;

2299 - A great movement against Islam will arise in France;

2302 - New laws and secrets of the universe will be discovered;

2304 - A huge secret having to do with the Moon will be revealed;

2354 - Damage of the artificial sun will lead to cataclysms on Earth;

2371 - The year of the great hunger;

2480 - The 2 sun will collide, plunging the Earth into complete darkness;

3005 - The 1st war will erupt on Mars;

3797 - Life on Earth will become impossible and humanity will move to another planet.