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Vanga's Prophecies for 2015


Throughout her lifetime, the Petrich prophetess Baba Vanga made a series of curious predictions about the 21st century, including the current decade and 2015.

According to analysis by Russian researchers, 2015 will be marked by revolutions, financial and resource crises. The Russian experts say that Vanga's predictions foretell of China and Russia playing a leading role this year.

In 2015, the Russians are to make a remarkable discovery in space that will stun the entire world. The find will lead to new theories about the origins and development of civilization.

The threat of nuclear war will heighten in the middle of the year but it will be prevented. However, the revolutionary attitude in different parts of the world will not subside.

The Russians see troubles for the US in Vanga's prophecies - a year of financial and economic crisis. China will benefit from this.

According to the prophetess, this year we will bear witness to a devastating tsunami that will put the southeastern part of Eurasia under water. There is also a possibility for countries such as England, Portugal and parts of Spain to sink beneath the waves.


Throughout the year, immense tornadoes will rage across North America. In the middle of 2015, the issue with feeding the population of Africa will worsen, which will become the number 1 problem for the continent.

Based on the Russians' interpretations of Vanga's words for 2015, a new threat of nuclear war will emerge at the end of the year and if humanity does not overcome it, we will be faced with worldwide catastrophe.

The great Apocalypse Vanga foresees to transpire in 2016, when the second end of the world will occur. According to the seer from Petrich, the dinosaurs were killed off during the first one.

However, in the interpretation, it is not explained what the prophetess actually meant by "Apocalypse" but the researchers link it to the widespread suffering of people across the world.

After Vanga's prophecies were revealed to the world, many people became skeptical of their authenticity, stating that even if true, her words can be interpreted in different ways.