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The Zodiac Signs with a Karmic Connection Between Them

Antonia R.Antonia R.

No one can escape their karma, which has to offer both raw life lessons, as well as rewards due to us by right. This applies to love as well.

According to astrology, our karmic baggage can be discerned by our natal chart. There certain zodiac signs that are linked to each other from past lives because they have things to teach each other once they become a couple.

Below you'll find the 2 pairs of zodiac signs that are strongly attracted to each other because they are karmically bound to one another.

Their relationship may suffer through enormous obstacles but everything will turn out to be for their own benefit.

Leo and Leo


Those born under the sign of Leo or on Sunday - a day falling under the patronage of the Sun - need to build confidence in themselves, a feeling of self-worth and to express their abilities, which are all things only another representative of Leo can teach them. Together, they would provide each other the support they expect and do everything they need to feel special.

Pisces and Scorpio

Since both are water signs, their relationship can be characterized by 2 words - strong emotions. From Pisces, Scorpios learn not to fear their obsessions and to openly talk about their feelings, as Pisces can help make anyone feel comfortable enough to be honest. Scorpios, on the other hand, protect Pisces from their childish naiveness and help them peer deep into whatever is going on.