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A Chinese Man Eats Nails, While an Indian Man Eats Bricks

Man eats bricks

For 30 years now, Yunsheng Long, a Chinese man, has been regularly eating glass, nails and ceramics, without it affecting his health, informed Daily Mail.

Yunsheng Long, who is a miner by trade, ate nails for the first time when he was 18. This incredible skill was taught to him by a circus performer.

"I am the only one in China who has such an unusual diet, " announced 49-year-old Yunsheng Long with pride.

He revealed his favorite delicacy - fresh nails, delivered "warm" from the factory, still having small amounts of grease on them. He finds them much more tasty than old and rusted ones.

Because of his shocking diet, he often attends festivals and fairs, where he impresses visitors with his first-rate ability.

Long claims that up till now, he has eaten a total of 22 lb (10 kg) of nails, glass, ceramics and pieces of brick in a single sitting.

However, he is not the only person in the world with an unusually "hard" diet. The Indian man Pakkirappa Hunagundi claims to have been eating bricks, mud and gravel every day since turning 10 years old.

With time, his appetite for "hard" food grew to such an extent that he began eating 6.5 lb (3 kg) of mud and sand a day.

The shocking thing is that despite all this, the 30-year-old man feels perfectly healthy. Experts believe that his unconventional behavior is due to an eating disorder in which a person has the desire to only eat products without any nutritional value.

"I have been eating rocks and bricks for nearly 20 years. I can skip meals, but not bricks or mud. They do not harm me in any way, and my teeth are strong enough that I can bite into any brick without a problem, " assures Pakkirappa Hunagundi.

The man's relatives are trying to get him to quit this strange habit but he is adamant that the taste of regular foods is in no way comparable to that of sand and mud.

Not only does Hunagundi have no intention of changing his diet but he has also decided that it's due time for his ability to earn him money. Pakkirappa Hunagundi admits that he doesn't work, and after his father died, he became the man of the house.