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Indian Man Sleeping in the Street Swallowed by a Python

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Python incident

An Indian man, drunk to unconsciousness, was eaten whole by a giant python, after having fallen asleep on the street near a store, where he wanted to buy more alcohol.

It is presumed that the man arrived at the closed store in the night and fell asleep in front of its doors, to await its opening, when he was found by the python.

Initially, the dangerous reptile suffocated its sleeping victim, after which it swallowed the entire body of the man.

A few hours later, the stuffed python was found by locals, who notified the local authorities about the incident.

Eyewitnesses explain that they were shocked by the scene of a giant and bulging python, with the outline of a human body clearly visible, in front of a store for alcoholic drinks.

It turned out that after the python had eaten the man, it was unable to slither away from the scene of the crime and remained there.

The 13 ft (4 m) -long killer was found in the morning, but at that time it was far too late to save the man.

The horrible incident took place in the Indian state of Kerala, which yearly attracts a large number of tourists because of the beautiful coastline of Goa.


The authorities in India remind tourists not to forget about the dangers that stalk them and to be more careful and have a higher sense of self-preservation.

This was not the first time in India where a python has swallowed a victim way too large for it. There are tens of records of incidents with pigs, dogs and goats.

Similar incidents with pythons were talked about in the media in September 2012, where a man was swallowed during the Jakarta floods.

In June of this year, a python killed a 21-year-old inexperienced hunter in South Africa.

According to investigators, the hunter suffocated in the belly of the reptile, while attempting to catch it with his bare hands.

Witnesses say, that the lack of experience and desire to prove himself in front of his colleagues, prompted the young hunter to reckless action.

The men, who had accompanied him on the hunt, heard a piercing scream of pain and horror and rushed to aid him. Once they arrived, they saw the gigantic python with its bloated stomach.