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Is your child an Indigo?

Indigo child

Children who have super intellect are more vulnerable to stress and troubles, say U.S. researchers. They studied more than 50 children who are considered "Indigo", their aura is dark purple in color and they are very smart. According to specialists such children are born more and more each year.

According to a child psychologists "indigo" is of great intuition of small children and still in the early childhood are to behave like adults. They take the right decisions despite the lack of experience because they have knowledge that they seem to have accumulated for years.

Indigo child

How to tell if your child is indigo?

It is easy enough to recognize, check for at least five of the following:

To see your baby with the eyes of a wise adult.

To see your baby during feeding watching the ceiling as though there is an invisible object moving across it.

While lying in the crib, if your baby starts to laugh and play, though there is someone next to them is a sure sign.

Begins to eat with a spoon equally well with left and right hand.

There are sometimes short attention exclusions, which may continue up to 5 minutes or more.

Began to speak relatively late between the ages of 2-3 years.

Very easily digest computer games, work remotes and understand the functions of mobile phones.

At school, they will often violate the rules of conduct.

There have a selective memory. They can not remember what they did before school hours.

Can write with both hands.

If at least five actions are recognized by your child, be sure that they really are extraordinary. Try to forgive their mistakes and develop talents that are in abundance.