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How your apartment number influences your destiny

House numbers

The ancient teaching of Feng Shui attaches great importance to the door of the dwelling. For example, if it is wrong - does not close properly, is dirty, broken or has graffiti, people who live behind it will not be happy. Most important is the number of apartments!

If the number of your home consists of several figures, just collect them until you get one.

If the apartment is number 1, it is under the influence of the Sun. This feature encourages creative expression. This favors artists, writers. As a rule, these apartments are well lit because their residents love light and vivid colors. This is an ideal place for bohemians.

Apartment № 2 is under the influence of the moon. It contributes to the development of intuition, of contemplation. This element is the patron of musicians or people who work with children. In these apartments there are many mirrors. If in these apartments live people with mental abnormalities, these diseases may be exacerbated.

Apartment No. 3 is under the influence of Mars, which protects active people. Around you will be constantly be events of different and mostly residential character – you will often have to fight plumbing, broken furniture, fix the ceiling occurred even deal with fire. However, the instant you're tired and want to leave the domestic problems, you can become seriously ill. Mars will give rise to quarrels and even fights.

Apartment № 4 is under the patronage of Mercury. It encourages sociability and contacts. Important role in your life will play the phone. From it you can successfully play the stock market, for example.

Number 5 is under the influence of Jupiter. It encourages residents to hunger for ideological and spiritual pursuits - politics, science, religion. In that apartment often live people united around a certain idea. Usually the residents of number 5 have a large library.

Apartment № 6 is protected by Venus. Her motto is: love and idleness! In this apartment will always come guests, you will be constantly organizing parties. Venus helps hospitality, good taste and culinary arts. Residents of apartment No. 6 are generally fond of animals and plants. In these houses people live with dogs, cats and a pet botanical gardens.

Number 7 is under the influence of Saturn. To live in this apartment is not easy: it is cold. Saturn promotes professional skills and cash savings. Feng Shui specialists advise residents of these apartments to meditate often. Otherwise, you will be persecuted by vertebrate diseases.

8 is under the patronage of Uranus - the element of favorable contacts with friends. These people have a wonderful relationship with others, continuously make new friendships. Uranus does not like pragmatists and rationalists, but inventors and fans of the occult sciences will feel comfortable in these homes.

Under the influence of Neptune are apartments № 9. Neptune benefits workers, sailors, fortune tellers, musicians and priests. For the rest, the atmosphere of the ninth apartment is extremely unfavorable. Easy to lose articles will harass insomnia. If you are not representative of the above professions by all means avoid living in apartment number 9.



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Miss G
Miss G
15.07.2013 08:21
Someone has asked about numbers above 9. Why has that question been completely ignored? My house number has three figures! How does it work for me and others?
02.09.2014 07:14
All numbers add to equal a single digit. For example if your apartment or house number is 1256, you would add 1+2+5+6= 14 Then you would add 1+4, which would equal single digit 5. Hope this helps!
More Info
More Info
23.04.2012 00:22
What about numbers above 9?