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What Does Your Eyebrow Shape Say About You?

Eyebrow shape

Facial features can "tell" us a lot about the inner world and soul of each person.

The eyebrows appear as a natural visual border that separates the forehead from the rest of the face and frames the expressive radiance of the eyes. They tell us if a person is surprised and amazed, if they are frowning or if they are sad.

According to the interpretations of physiognomy, if a person has little hair or thin eyebrows, they tends to be indecisive, not independent, perhaps they lack self-confidence and believes, that they can deal with life's difficulties on their own. This observation can easily be related to babies and young children who do not yet have a developed sense of autonomy and independence and their eyebrows are barely noticeable and delicate

Thin eyebrow hairs also describe an emotionally overly vulnerable person who finds it difficult to assert themselves and does not like to confront others. Thick eyebrows, on the other hand, combined with stiffer hair, indicate the opposite state - confidence and a strongly expressed and asserted individuality.

Eyebrows that merge into continuous hair above the nose, or those that are very close together, indicate a strong, persistent character, and people who have them tend to be jealous, domineering, but also very persistent. They are also introverts and think about everything very deeply, but they are usually not very talkative.

Evil eyes

Dark-colored eyebrows generally indicate that their owner has a good and gentle character. If the hairs are too close to each other, it is a sign that a person is orderly, practical, with strong self-control, but can sometimes demonstrate stinginess or unforgiveness.

Eyebrows that are not curved like a rainbow, but have a straight vertical placement, are associated with qualities such as coolness and restraint, but also indicate that their owner is too immature and without their own bright, personal expression to the world.

Sparse and bright eyebrows say that a person is a dreamer who prefers to be secluded from the hostile world around them and often experiences the objective and unchangeable trials of their life path with difficulty. Vertical, slightly arched eyebrows, with normal hair density and harmoniously standing out from each other indicate that a person is good, highly intelligent and easily achieves balance in every aspect of their life.

Eyebrows that are arched in the shape of a rainbow are found in people who have an overly intense and tense inner life, but are also idealistic, passionate and always have a clear opinion. Usually, they are great creators of a cause marked from an early, conscious childhood or of certain principles of behavior. These people also have a good heart, but sometimes they are too sensitive and care a lot about other people's opinions.

Eyes and eyebrows

Thick, scattered eyebrows with curly hairs sticking out obtrusively indicate that a person is aggressive, nervous, characterless, easily influenced by others and that their mood is highly influenced by external events. They may be full of energy, but they can't allocate and organize their time properly and even though they're very active, they often can't explain how something they thought they could do in 1 hour took them all day.

If someone has thick but delicate eyebrows, then this shows that they are polite, insightful, sensitive and communicative.

Eyebrows that are thick but also curved like a rainbow are a sign that their owner is generous, benevolent and merciful, with a distinct personality. If someone has straight eyebrows, but slightly curved towards the end, it shows that they have high intelligence and talent, but do not find the right means of expression and communication, to convince others in them with.

Short and sparse eyebrows indicate to its owner that they do not have a particularly developed practical mind, is difficult to adapt or keeps some secret. If the eyebrows are located too far from each other, this is a sign of low intelligence. If they are pointed and higher at the end, this indicates a ruthless and cowardly person who rules over those weaker than them.

Firm and straight eyebrows show that a person has courage and steadfastness. On the other hand, those that are too long indicate that their owner is too excited about what is happening outside of them and the lives of others. If the eyebrows are slightly and smoothly curved at the end, it shows that a person is not serious, but has a strong charm and attractiveness.

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