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Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility


The relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius can be rather violent at times, but very exciting as well. They both admire each other's strength of character. The nature of Scorpio is intense and very passionate. Aquarius is easy going, open and honest, but not able to show emotion. They must be remarkably loyal, considerate and fair in order to have a lasting relationship.

An Aquarius man lives his life as if in a dream. He is very independent and stands behind every decision or promise made. He is a man who can’t hide his true self or his emotions, which makes him very predictable, but not quick to commit to something or someone if he is not really interested in it. The Aquarius man is a little dark, but is generally peaceful, generous, loving and portrays a good mood and quality humor. He is always a very generous lover to his lady. He is liked by everyone and can even control his emotional outbursts.

A Scorpio woman is a real lady with a seductive charm in her personality. She is the master of her soul. Perseverance and passion for love in a Scorpio woman comes inexorably. She is very possessive and very suspicious of everyone. She provides much love, both emotionally and physically, bound to make her man feel secure. She is a great lover, but jealousy can arise in her out of nowhere.

Strong feelings will arise between these two zodiac signs on their very first meeting. People around them see them as an ideal couple. In some respects, their union can truly be called perfect, because they complement each other and this helps to form a flexible, integrated team. Even from a distance, in different areas of professional life, they fit very well together, ready to learn about the other person and making efforts to improve his/her life.

Aquarius loves freedom, and even somehow believes that his lady limits it, but now he must depend on the her, spend time with her and take care of her. Scorpios need to feel close to a powerful man who is willing to assume responsibility for all decisions. A Scorpio woman will carry out his will and desires, she will show creativity and initiative, but only within the limits and boundaries set by her. A Scorpio woman is afraid of independence; she believes that people who love each other should never be far apart.