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Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility


At first glance, the very different Aquarius and Sagittarius would actually be able to have an incredibly harmonious connection between them. The 2 zodiac signs have a few major things in common which will help them maintain their relations.

One of the most valuable things for both the man and woman in this pairing is freedom - the freedom to choose to go out without your partner, to hang out with friends, to have fun by yourself. Neither of them would have problems in this regard, as long as of course, there are no reasons to be jealous.

Another point of common ground for the 2 signs is communication - both feel wonderful when in the company of the other. They are capable of talking about different things, to discuss, even argue, without any one of them necessarily winning the argument.

In any relationship, communication and conversation are crucially important, and not just conversations that have to do with relations, love and so on.

For representatives of Aquarius and Sagittarius, it is of great import to be able to share with their partner something more intellectual and different than trivial subjects.


The connection between them will be truly fulfilling for both and further, they will feel inspired and truly loved.

The new ideas that Aquarius constantly comes up with will be a perfect topic of discussion - the Sagittarius woman will become genuinely inspired by the ideas of the person by her side.

Adventures will also not be lacking - both signs are fans of them, the Sagittarius perhaps a bit more than the Aquarius, but it is certain that they will match in this aspect as well.

In relationships between these 2 zodiac signs, problems of a financial nature are rarely seen. Even if they are not that stable financially, this will somehow bring them even closer instead of making them argue.

When it comes to sex - there is understanding once more. The female Sagittarius will feel like a true goddess in the arms of her beloved.

There is a balance between the Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man - while one of them constantly hovers in the clouds, the other is down on earth quite often. If such a relationship grows into something more serious, it will be of exceptional significance.