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Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius - this is one of the most difficult combinations in astrology. In reality, there is little chance for them to like each other and would find many reasons to label the other as as strange and antipathetic.

True love however has the power to change anyone's fate and combine contradicting characters in one. All that is needed is for us to learn to understand and accept the other person's world, which is a determining factor for any type of relationship. Representatives of the sign of Scorpio and the sign of Aquarius can be intrigued by the mysterious nature of the other.

The Scorpio man is strong, crafty and resourceful in everything he does. He is persistent and does not like sharing control over a situation with anyone, just as he doesn't like sharing the management of a project or business venture with a partner. He likes having full control over his actions and dominating. He heads for where he can have his desired autonomy and freedom. It is possible for him to sink into a deep and unexpected depression or to reach intoxicating highs of ecstasy and happiness. The suspicions he senses are often too overwhelming and cloud his mood.

The male Scorpio is consistent in his opinion of others and nothing can impair his trust and loyalty toward anyone who has proven that they deserve them. Any woman must be fully sure whether she wants to win this man because once she sets foot in his world, it is almost impossible for her to exit and leave him.

The Aquarius woman is friendly by nature and it is easy to tell what she feels. She dislikes diplomacy and obscure statements, even though she often uses them herself. With her, her approach toward other people is not premeditated and calculated and she is truly spontaneous. The Aquarius woman is a persistent and independent personality, and it is pointless for her to try to be fully committed.

She has a highly developed individuality and thirsts for change every moment of her life. Even though she can make the thoughts of her partner more beautiful and filled with charm, she would hardly stay with anyone for long. If she decides to stay by her chosen one, which she must feel fascination toward in order to believe that he is the only one for her, the Aquarius woman may end up a good partner. It is enough to give her the respect and independence she deserves and which all of her being strives for.


The male Scorpio likes the female Aquarius for her independence and expressed individuality. Sometimes she demonstrates a curious innocence, which makes him "fall in her lap", but at the same time anyone who values her must be mindful of her nature. Both are a lot alike in this aspect. Nothing forces them to put the other person at the top of the pyramid, because neither he nor she requires it. They are plenty happy to remain by themselves and do not need the constant presence of their beloved.

They can place their career and home as top priorities. Whenever it comes to family affairs and problems, all other worries and daily responsibilities take a backseat. If they are at odds, this can only fortify their relationship, instead of harming it, especially when the Scorpio man is ready to calm the temperament of the Aquarius woman and soothe her with his gentleness.

He is always capable of amazing and stimulating the interest of the Aquarius woman with his mysterious actions and allegorical words. This man loves to protect her and treat her like a princess, who can get everything she seeks in the man of her dreams. Their connection will carry on with the days, uneventfully, until life tests whether they are truly ready to make compromises in order to be with each other.


The female Aquarius must show her devotion to the male Scorpio, so that he feels confident and not jealous of her. But if she transforms into a careless girl, which she has a natural tendency for, or if he becomes boundlessly suspicious and dominating, a strong outrage and mutual antipathy will arise between them.

Even though it is not at all difficult to infuriate the male Scorpio, he knows how to maintain a calm composure in the culmination of his growing wrath much better than she would be able to in his place. The Aquarius woman can learn to control her anger and emotions, while he can be a good teacher in that regard. If she doesn't learn and follow his example to stop her strange outbursts, this may make him lose his respect for her, which may even lead to the end of their relationship.

While carried by the wings of love, the Scorpio man and Aquarius woman can gradually accept the way of thinking and views of their partner, making their joint life more cozy and harmonious. She can teach him to be a bit more lenient and he - for her to be more emotionally expressive and attached to her loved ones and family. Together they form a strong union, filled with empathy, a unique friendship based on their mutual interest of philosophizing, and responsibility toward the other person.

They have a gentle presence in the other person's world, without attaching obsessively to their personality. Their shared home is a cozy and kindly place, where rights and obligations are shared evenly and distributed fairly. The Aquarius's fantasy can decorate it in a unique way and bring in all kinds of little ideas to the interior, and the Scorpio will help enthusiastically with everything related to the more burdensome chores.


When it comes to their sexual relationship, there is a constant incongruity of desires. The Scorpio man can be highly emotional, while the female Aquarius appears to be too withdrawn from reality and emotionally detached, even if she is genuinely delighted with their togetherness and does desire him. Another side to their relations is the rapid change in the way of thinking of the Aquarius woman, while he expends tons of energy to try to carefully bring her back to reality.

To avoid conflicts, she is the one who must put in a little bit more effort, empathy and understanding toward him. He would appreciate it and does deserve it, since for him there are no inscrutable love secrets and he is able to handle the most sentimentally distant and most emotionally cold woman, which makes her feel truly wanted and liked.

The more she is able to find solitude from the world, the more she retains her independence and ability to see her friends, the more likely she is to give herself fully to her partner. The female Aquarius and male Scorpio can make a wonderful couple, sharing a strong feeling of intimacy and passionate physical connection, if they can adjust to their small differences.

The Aquarius woman has the tendency to fall into a contemplative state and appear disinterested toward the needs of her beloved, which may make a Scorpio man unsure, but at the same time that which can save their relationship is that she can forgive and forget any insult quite easily, and he can learn a lot from her lack of grudge bearing and sympathetic heart.

Scorpio is exceptionally irritable and short-tempered, even though he strives not to let it show. This is something which the sensitive and astute Aquarius woman easily notices and makes her feel unsettled. Both are a lot alike, for they have contradictory characters, are melancholic and independent. Throw in some of the mysteriousness of the male Scorpio and some of the strong intuition of the female Aquarius to this complex union and you will find out why they argue sometimes.



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