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Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility


Relationships between people are quite complicated - not everything can be foreseen and not everything is always black and white. In this relationship, at first glance, the difficult relations between an Aquarius man and Pisces woman might actually turn out to be not so complex.

In truth, these 2 zodiac representatives don't have many common traits, but this does not necessarily mean that they cannot understand each other.

Female Pisces are exceptionally sensitive and very observant. No matter how absentminded the male representative of Aquarius is, and even though he often appears not to be present in conversations, he is also quite observant.

In actuality it is difficult to get the attention of Aquarius men, but the gentle and feminine representative of Pisces can do it without any effort.

At that point, Aquarius transforms from strange to very strange, if you don't really know him, and it is this attitude which makes the Pisces think that he simply doesn't like her.

In every relationship, it's all about compromises - in this case, the compromises need to be a bit more than usual. At the very beginning, it is possible for you to feel mutually attracted and for true passion to bloom between you.


You may already know that the moment of passion passes sooner or later in every relationship and a different feeling, no less beautiful, takes its place. The problem is that in a connection between a Pisces woman and Aquarius man, once the passion goes, things may take a turn for the worse.

Since both zodiac sign representatives are remarkably persistent and proud to some extent, it will be pretty hard to achieve perfection in the relations. There will almost always be constant rivalry and if one of them symbolically wins in it, things may work out.

However it is not quite clear how the person who losses will feel. Ultimately, a successful connection between these 2 signs is fully possible as long as compromises are made by both sides.

If both are incapable of this - the Pisces woman will become hurt, get sick of the constant small arguments, while the Aquarius man will become bored of them and leave.