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Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

The union between an Aquarius man and Libra woman can be seen as an example of a gradually reached, harmonious connection, founded on the similarities of character and interests of these Air signs.

They will take care of each other, keeping and valuing the inviolable sanctuary of each other's personal world. The element of "air", which is their astrological symbol, gives them lightness, fortitude against life's challenges, a sharp need to "break all bonds" and find a different world from the one that is familiar to them, where they can be themselves.

Both are unanimous when it comes to defending their personal freedom and at the same time respect and accept their partner's desire for personal space, intended for rest and creativity.


According to the love compatibility horoscope, their relationship can be likened to the way a zipper works: they can be inseparably connected in such a way that no force can come between them, having achieved the perfect position with the differences of their partner, but can also suddenly become slightly indifferent and live on their own, without being in contact for some time, which may consequentially lead to complete alienation and an unavoidable breakup.

They manage to live uneventfully and peacefully throughout all of their time together. Both the Aquarius man and Libra woman are shining representatives of their corresponding zodiac signs. He is a personality who never ceases to build worlds from his fantasy and tries to revolutionize and rationalize every aspect of reality. She, in turn, is a person with a strong sense of justice, does not like being lied to and wants to make the world a more beautiful place to live.


The harmony in this couple portends long-term, evenly matched relations, based on mutual respect, understanding, tenderness, gentleness in manners and love. The key words for them are: "partnership" and "friendship".

However, their connection is not fiery, all-consuming and passionate enough to fall into the category of the perfect love as written in romance novels and always lingers somewhere between brotherly love, a light flirt, complicated by the enticing curiosity of the question, "what would happen, if we were to fall in love? " No matter how we were to view their need of each other, it can be stated that such does exist and is built upon their mutual interests, similarities and intellectual pursuits.

The Libra lady may not notice at the very beginning that the individuality of the male Aquarius is so much more deep, complex and unfathomable. Further, he is much more sensitive than he looks from the sidelines and unmistakably picks up on when people agree with him out of politeness, in order not to get into awkward explanations, but also knows when they genuinely accept his point of view.


The Aquarius man cannot stand hollow forms of flattery and his hackles rise every time someone persistently tries to show him their method of action and consciously pressures him on what to choose and do. The insincerity displayed in the minute details of everyday communication can depress him, make him suspicious and suppress his feelings.

He would be happy if the female Libra were to keep true to her solid beliefs about the world and is especially impressed whenever she defends them with a passion. Then, he would never lose interest in his beloved, he would never be indifferent toward her causes, no matter how much he fails to understand them.

The woman of the sign of Libra must try to be a bit more accepting and let her beloved Aquarius speak ceaselessly, even though this agitates her sometimes. He, on the other hand, must try to understand the practical use of her slightly stingy character.

Happy couple

It would be great if he more often took part in her plans to make their home more cozy and beautiful, as well as to approve of her inherit workaholism. His energy can be utilized to make mutual projects a reality, in which they would put in their best qualities and dedication.

In their sexual relations, both Aquarius and Libra are incredibly distracted and careless. They can go for weeks without having a need for intimacy but then in a rush of powerful emotion at the most unexpected moment, will want to be with their sweetheart.

With them, love goes through a prolonged, mentally constructed overture of seduction. That which will connect the male Aquarius and female Libra sexually, is the pure desire for tenderness and giving and their rich imagination of how to diversify their intimate experiences.

From an astrological standpoint, in order for the union between a male Aquarius and female Libra to continue, both partners need to allow the expression and manifestation of the other's need for freedom, but at the same time to actively try to find a presence in the life of their beloved and develop their interests jointly.

While the Aquarius and Libra have common interests and hobbies - these are the things which will attach them to each other, they will be interested in the opinion and presence of the other in their life, as well as have the need of their advice or criticism.

But if the will for independence in their relationship is unsurmountable, they can easily quit sharing the same road. There is a chance for them not to pay particular attention in changing themselves, in order for the other person to be happy, because both zodiac signs tend to be slightly distant, emotionally self-sufficient and obsessed with their own causes and undertakings.