Zodiac stones

Zodiac stones

Since ancient times, representatives of each sign were protected by a particular gemstone, which has given them power and defended them from evil.

Many people do not know which is the most appropriate stone for their sign. For example, diamonds are most suitable for Aries, because they reflect their fiery energy.

Taurus is protected by emerald. This beautiful green stone is a powerful talisman for those born under the sign of Taurus.

Pearls are the mascot of Gemini. This is one of the most controversial characters in the zodiac, pearls give them the necessary strength and bring them luck.

Cancer is being protected by Ruby. Its power, colored in blood red, watching over sensitive cancer, makes them feel independent and secure.

According to ancient beliefs, the stone that brings happiness to people born under the sign of Leo is peridot. It helps them cope with any challenge.

Sapphire is the most powerful talisman for Virgo. The Virgo is a perfectionist in every respect - something that this stone nurtures.

Opal is the stone of Libra, it helps them be more sure of themselves when they work and protects them from evil thoughts. Scorpio is protected by topaz, it gives them the power to influence people's minds.

Turquoise is the most powerful charm for Sagittarius, it removes depression and loads them full of optimism and energy. Capricorn has a powerful talisman that is garnet, which endows them with elegance and kindness.

Amethyst is the stone of all Aquarians, it helps them to face difficulties and win in complex situations. Pisces should be aware that their most powerful protector is aquamarine. T preserves the balance between real world and fictional world in which pisces live.