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Wise Advice for a Successful Life by Napoleon Hill

Wise Advice for a Successful Life by Napoleon Hill

You've probably received advice from acquaintances and friends about how to succeed in life, but even if they're well-intentioned, their effectiveness remains questionable.

Because the secret of success has been pondered by many ancient and modern thinkers who remain in history with their essays and reflections aimed at helping people to be successful.

In case you haven't heard the name of Napoleon Hill, we'll start with the fact that his book Think and Grow Rich ranks among the 10 best-selling scientific works of our time. But the real success for his career came from his first book The Law of Success, which was published in 1928 in the form of essays collected in eight volumes.

In it, as in his other books, Napoleon Hill teaches not only how a successful life can be achieved, but also how to become a leader, overcome your personal fears, learn from your mistakes, to have faith in your own abilities, etc.

Napoleon Hill lists 17 keys to achieving success and personal fulfillment, which we list as he described them.

1. One must have a clearly formulated goal in life!

2. Creating a drive core of allies is absolutely necessary to achieve the goals!


3. Be a magnetic person!

4. Trust in active faith!

5. Give your best!

6. Be proactive!

7. Be positive and think positive!

8. Control your enthusiasm!

9. Enforce self-discipline!

10. Be precise in your thinking!

11. Take control of your own attention!

12. Learn to work in a team!

13. Learn from your mistakes!

14. Work on your creativity!

15. To achieve success in life, you must be healthy!

16. Carefully plan both your time and your money!

17. Harnessing the cosmic power of habit is an important key to achieving success in life!

Having introduced you to the 17 keys to success, we will bring to your attention some of the most famous quotes of Napoleon Hill related to his achievements:

Successful Life

- The longer you walk towards success, the closer it is;

- Too many people give up one step before victory. Remember: someone else will take this step;

- All that the human mind believes, the human mind can achieve;

The truth is that Napoleon Hill has helped many people achieve success in life. In addition to his books, he also lectured and will probably be remembered by many for saying Tell me how you use your time and how you spend your money and I will tell you where you will be ten years from now.