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Parable for the Wrong Choice

Parable for the Wrong Choice

Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter, who had two sons. He managed to raise them all by himself, since his wife died during the birth of the second child. Fortunately for the father and to the surprise of the people in the village, the sons of the woodcutter grew up to be responsible and hardworking. They helped their father a lot and responded to all his requests.

In order to feed the family, the two brothers had to work side by side with their father. They fed the livestock, carried wood and helped with daily household chores. They took turns cleaning, cooking, or getting involved in cutting and carrying wood.

One day the father decided that a redistribution of the housework should be made, because by taking his two sons with him into the forest, it would always get too late to prepare dinner.

He revealed his plans to them and the younger brother expressed a wish that he should leave early with his father and come home early to prepare dinner and that the eldest should replace him and stay till later, to help load the wood.

At first, everything went very well, the younger brother got up earlier, but at the expense of that he went home earlier to do housework and the older brother managed to sleep, but he struggled with the physically heavier labor helping his dear father.

After a few weeks, however, the little brother began to be dissatisfied with his choice and decided that he did not want to stay at home to cook, but to work with his father. The eldest brother again did not mind and agreed to exchange. However, the very next day, when the father and his younger son were loading the wagon, the wood fell apart. The wagon itself was also badly damaged. The two started stacking the wood again and the younger son kept mumbling about how he had made the wrong choice and should have stayed behind to cook. Finally his father turned to him and said:

- The only wrong choice in this case is the one you made yourself. Never run away from the present moment, but take it easy, because you never know what life will offer you. And don't forget that there is only one wrong choice and that is the one you made.