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Prophecies of the ToltecsProphecies of the Toltecs
12 Aug.
behind their mystical prophecies about the future, which are exceptionally relevant today. According to the Toltecs, our planet and our minds are subject to the Sun. When it changes, our minds also change in unison...
Ecological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilizationEcological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilization
27 Feb.
each other. There are two new hypotheses for the destruction of the Mayan civilization. One of them is that it happened after their defeat by another Central American nation - the Toltecs. The second hypothesis...
Great Pyramid of Cholula - San Pedro CholulaGreat Pyramid of Cholula - San Pedro Cholula
30 Nov.
the pyramid, priests carried out their fire magic rituals. The interior of the pyramids served as tombs of kings and dignitaries. According to ancient beliefs, the Aztec pyramids were built by the mighty Toltec...
Giant bones discovered in a cave in BavariaGiant bones discovered in a cave in Bavaria
17 Oct.
descriptions of giants worldwide. Information is gathered from the legends, stories, chronicles and historical annals of the Incas, Aztecs and Toltec Indians and aborigines, Europeans, Australians and Asians...
The Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious SmokeThe Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious Smoke
29 Nov.
carved niches, the same amount as the number of days in a year. There are also niches under the stairway, which reaches to the top, but it is believed that they were built later by the Toltecs, which had entered the region...

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