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Ludicrous Events That were Once Part of the OlympicsLudicrous Events That were Once Part of the Olympics
22 Aug.
How does an Olympic gold medal for shooting down the most pigeons sound? What about deer? With the conclusion of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we'd like to share with you some of the strangest events that were...
Genius Chose the Life of a Hermit Instead of $1 MillionGenius Chose the Life of a Hermit Instead of $1 Million
20 Oct.
International Mathematical Olympiad in Budapest. Without even taking any tests, he was accepted into the then-called Leningrad State University. He achieved remarkable successes in faculty, civic and student-union-based...
Childhood and success of Alexander the GreatChildhood and success of Alexander the Great
24 Nov.
nearly all of Greece. From his father, Alexander the Great inherited the skills of tactician and commander. Olympias his mother also influenced him greatly. He inherited her passionate, sensitive nature. Olympias is...
Jim Thorpe`s Story will Motivate you to Make your Dreams Come TrueJim Thorpe`s Story will Motivate you to Make your Dreams Come True
20 July
always find a way to achieve it. The inspiring story of Olympic medalist Jim Thorpe proves that dreams can become reality even when the circumstances are against us. The person in the photo is Jim Thorpe - an athlete...
Hera - Goddess of Marriage, Family and JealousyHera - Goddess of Marriage, Family and Jealousy
01 Oct.
Hera is one of the most powerful and fair goddesses - she is thought to have no equal in ancient Greek mythology. Magnificent, in a long beautiful dress woven by Athena herself, she would descend from Olympus on...
Pandora's BoxPandora's Box
03 May
Olympus, to mix water and land, of which to be born a beautiful girl. She should have the human power and divine voice and look. Athena did have to weave beautiful clothes for the girl. Aphrodite was ordered to give her...
Snowman and his last tripSnowman and his last trip
17 Oct.
three days. Dixon claims in respect of the Snowman that, "Equivalence of his physique today may be the Olympic middle weight fighter”....
Facts about Muhammad Ali you May Not KnowFacts about Muhammad Ali you May Not Know
16 June
Parkinson's, lit the Olympic Cauldron in Atlanta, is considered to be the most highly emotional moment in the history of sports. On November 27, 1990, Muhammad Ali met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad to negotiate...
The Legend of PrometheusThe Legend of Prometheus
14 Jan.
told humans how to prepare medicine and taught them to mine gold, silver and iron. The king of the gods, Zeus, who lived in Olympus, dethroned his father Kronos and the old order of the gods, to which...
Cruellest mothers in historyCruellest mothers in history
07 Jan.
the throne of her son. Historians say she killed another baby, to make sure that it will not claim the throne when he grows up. Olympia’s Political approach is contrary to the methods of management of the regent...
The Legend of the Kingdom of HadesThe Legend of the Kingdom of Hades
01 Mar.
over the seas, Zeus over the skies and Hades over the Underworld. The god of the Underworld remains one of the most mystical of Olympian gods - little is known about him. According to some legends he was a just god. When a...
How Homer Decribed the Thracians in the IlliadHow Homer Decribed the Thracians in the Illiad
06 Apr.
as a great general, leading his army by a chariot decorated in gold and silver. Homer wrote that he looked more like an Olympian God than a common mortal. Homer did not conceal his awe of the horses from Thrace...
Medusa the GorgonMedusa the Gorgon
26 Sept.
once beautiful sea maidens. Poseidon, god of the sea, took a liking to Medusa but the Olympian gods became infuriated that he had become fond of a mortal. Medusa's joyous laughter and beauty brought about Athena's...
Where Evolution Went Wrong in the Course of Human DevelopmentWhere Evolution Went Wrong in the Course of Human Development
17 Nov.
Today's humans are much slower than their ancestors. According to research by anthropologist Peter McAllister, any average human from the early days of our evolution would have been as fast as even our best Olympians today...
Superstitions about Friday the 13thSuperstitions about Friday the 13th
13 Dec.
is seen as unlucky because it follows 12. The number 12 is viewed as being loaded with positive energy and symbology. There were 12 apostles of Jesus, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 months in the year, 12 zodiac signs, 12...

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