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Your Astro Prognosis for the Week Until November 5

In the week until November 5 we'll be witnessing a full moon in Taurus, making us more sensitive to material issues. Now is the time to bring balance to our budget and relations with others.

In the coming days, we must seek the balance between our wants and others'. Take a good look at your possessions and get rid of part of them before you start to overly obsess with them and find yourself buried in useless items.

Starting this Sunday, Mercury, which reigns over communication and information, will begin its journey through Sagittarius. With this transition of the planet, our thinking will open up on a much grander scale and we're going to focus on more philosophical subjects.

Aries - Bring order to your finances

This week you're going to come face-to-face with any aspects where there's an imbalance between giving and taking. It's time for you to familiarize yourself well with this principle, both on the material and emotional level. In the days until November 5, try to clear up your obligations as much as you can, as well as to ask for any money you may have loaned out. Tension may arise in partner relations if you've given more than you've received, so you have to clear things up with them.

Taurus - Talk openly about your needs

In the days until November 5, don't miss opportunities to shine. Talk openly about your personal needs and views because it's the only way you'll be understood and attract those people around you that would satisfy your needs. But do try to maintain a balance between your needs and those of the people around you. You may learn some surprising truths about your relations with others, which you're going to have to accept.

Gemini - Work together with your friends and coworkers

Throughout this week you're going to have the opportunity to solidify your bond with your coworkers and friends. Be more open with one another because hints won't get you very far. Coordinate your actions and plans because you'll get more done as a team, rather than dividing up the tasks and working on them individually. Prepare for certain turning points at the end of the week because not everything will be realized on schedule and you're going to have to show a little ingenuity.

Cancer - It's time to review your relationships with others

At the start of the week you're going to feel the need to escape reality and dive into the world of your imagination. But the tasks you've already taken up won't magically disappear the way you expect, so as the week progresses you're going to have to focus on the material side of life and review. Determine how independent you are in the material sense and to what extent your morals coincide with those around you. If there are serious disparities, it's time to bid those individuals adios.

Leo - Be the leader in the group

This week, take on more social tasks because they are going to be the most fruitful, while your success will shine brightest. You can count on the support of those closest to you, so be ambitious and act boldly. You have the opportunity to build your personal plans without worrying about anyone else's opinion and to pursue your personal dreams. There are surprises in store for you that will open new opportunities for realization.

Virgo - Alternate between work and rest

This week predisposes you to productive work, so feel free to come up with a plan that you can strictly follow over the next 7 days. No matter if you're preparing for a trip or have some other serious task before you, you're going to do a better job with a premade plan, rather than acting aimlessly. But no matter how serious the work ahead of you is, set aside some time for a break from your tasks.

Libra - Determine your financial relations with others

Over the next week, material issues are going to be the main ones on your mind. Now's the time to bring order to your finances by determining your earnings and expenses, thinking over investment proposals and paying off your debt. Your relations with certain individuals may turn shaky because of money; as such don't act too frivolous, instead try to come to an agreement on this issue. Your moral values may also clash with those of others.

Scorpio - Pay attention to others

You're going to feel satisfied in your personal and professional tasks only if there is a balance between giving and receiving in them. Try to set clear boundaries if you're too swamped with others' tasks and problems and if you've been isolating yourself over the past few weeks, this is the time to leave your lair and make connections with others via various gestures toward them. Communication with others around you may serve you up gigantic surprises, which you shouldn't miss.

Sagittarius - Organize yourself well

Your schedule is going to be a busy one from the very beginning of the week, with obligations towards others, aside from your own. Try to bring order to your responsibilities because otherwise you're going to find yourself in a muddle and aren't going to be able to finish what you've started. Rely only on methods that have yielded positive results in the past and don't do anything spontaneously or anything previously untested.

Capricorn - Don't be influenced by others' opinions

This week you're going to have plenty of energy to handle the tasks you've taken up and to advance them. Don't waste your time with unnecessary hesitations, just do exactly what you said you would earlier. Even if you're met with opposition or feel that others around you have burdened you with colossal expectations, don't doubt your leadership abilities, just follow the path you've outlined earlier.

Aquarius - Surround yourself with people who love you

In the days until November 5, your focus needs to mainly be on your home and family. From them you will receive and to them you will have to give, while now is the time to speak openly about your worries with those closest to you. You'll be able to get out of the difficult situation thanks to their advice and support. Look at your home as a shelter that'll save you from the tension and don't hesitate to stay home if you're not feeling well in the company of others.

Pisces - Don't be afraid of reality

Don't run from your problems this week because they're most likely not as serious as you think. It's possible that your fears are making things seem worse than they really are, with this frightening you more than the actual event. Talk to others around you and seek their opinion, in order to come back to reality and not fear it. Be more frugal toward week's end because spontaneous purchases would only be detrimental to your budget.

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