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Your Weekly Horoscope Until October 22

In the next 7 days, the configuration of the planets is going to predispose us to smoothing out already existing conflicts and finding solutions to our problems.

We'll clearly spot what's not right but mustn't give in to the tension and react emotionally, instead we need to carefully analyze each of the options.

Mercury enters Scorpio this Tuesday, thereby exposing many secrets in our communication with others, while the New Moon in Libra is going to allow us a new beginning based on the new information.

At the end of the week, Mars transitions into Libra, which may shake up our relationships with others but also provoke us to get out of our routine.

Aries - Be honest with others

This week, our personal or work-related partnerships will be put to the test. There will be no shortage of challenges in your relations with others and will require perfect organization in order for you to handle them. Show strength of character by not running from your fears and unpleasant topics of conversation, instead meeting them head on. Starting mid-week, focus on the financial side of life and try to create material stability via negotiations with another person or organization.

Taurus - Be organized and bring order

At the start of the week, be penny-wise and don't start spending on things you haven't planned for ahead of time. Strive to keep your financial dealings under control, without plunging into senseless, impulse buying. You can even try to get rid of the unnecessary items in your home and bring order to the space around you. At mid-week, think about your greatest dreams and if you're still afraid of working toward their realization, find friends with whom you can talk to freely about these.

Gemini - Be creative and have fun

You're going to be brimming with the creative spirit this week, thanks to which you'll be able to remove the obstacles before you and make your life easier and more pleasant. Now is the time to have fun, be creative or do things with the kids because this will charge you with positive energy. Begin work on realizing your ideas because by the end of the new week, you'll be able to rely on your pep and ambition to finish them.

Cancer - Organize yourself well

At the start of the new week, turn your attention to the family and home, taking care to make you and your loved ones to feel more comfortable. You can make family dinners more often or reorganize your home to make it look even warmer. As the week progresses, your professional tasks will grow ever more urgent, which may cause stress but with a well-prepared schedule you'll handle all of them easily.

Leo - Exchange experience with others

From the very beginning of the week, you're going to have to bring order to your financial dealings. Seek the opinion of others and use every one of your contacts, regardless if in person or through social networks, to make the best possible decision. Exchanging experience will help you prevent certain mistakes. At week's end, focus your efforts mainly on caring for those closest to you. Try to improve conditions in the home environment and to expel your worries.

Virgo - Plan your day

Over the course of the new week, be as direct as possible with those around you, while trying not to unnecessarily fluff up the information and conclusions that you've reached. Starting mid-week, you're going to have the opportunity to create material stability, which you'll be able to rely on for a long time to come. But you need to plan your budget well and to control your spending impulses. Toward the end of the week, your confidence will be higher and you'll be able to attract attention with whatever you are doing.

Libra - Trust reliable people only

The emphasis this week is going to fall on your personal plans and to develop them you'll need to stock up on ambition and willpower. But don't be too cocky, instead seek the opinions of others because this way you can prevent certain serious problems. However, be sure to trust reliable people only, who have helped you with their valuable advice in the past. It's time to be more categorical in your actions, although this must not happen at the expense of those around you.

Scorpio - Time for assessment

For you, the new week is going to fall under the sign of assessment. It's time to give yourself time for evaluation, in order to weigh in on what you've managed to achieve and what remains unfinished since the beginning of the year. Over the next few days, you'll be able to more objectively examine the events around you and to discover their hidden meaning. Starting mid-week, you'll be able to rely on the power of speech to express all of the thoughts and feelings raging within you. Even if you're a bit too dramatic, don't suppress anything, instead get it all out through expression.

Sagittarius - Unite with the people around you

This week, surround yourself only with those who support and understand you because they'll be the only ones to encourage you to bring out your talents without judging you. If you have any serious obligations, have your friends and coworkers participate in their realization to guarantee success. Working together with others will grant you positive energy and if you unite with others, you'll be able to accomplish an old dream of yours.

Capricorn - Don't take on too many responsibilities

Over the course of the new week, you're going to have the opportunity to turn a new page and start new projects. But before that, take another look at everything you've already begun and if you find that you're investing efforts into pointless goals, it's time to abandon them. Have no fear that you're not fulfilling your oath or not meeting your responsibilities, instead allow yourself more easygoingness in your daily routine. You need to think about changes in your personal relationships as well.

Aquarius - Firmly say no to others

It's time to openly talk about the aspects which aren't providing you even an ounce of satisfaction. Don't expect to just have your freedom handed to you; fight for it by standing up against the tasks you don't wish to perform. You don't have to constantly be in the service of others, think mainly about yourself over the next few days. Now is the time to set new goals, to think about distant destinations and to have more fun.

Pisces - Clear up old debts

Express greater sympathy toward your loved ones at the start of the week, helping them when you can when it becomes obvious that they have need of you. As October 22 approaches, focus on your financial obligations and try to pay off part of your old debts. Conflicts with others are possible at week's end, so try to maintain the balance between your desires and theirs.

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