Your Most Accurate Monthly Horoscope for August is Here

August is here. All of the zodiac signs are on the threshold of some of the longest and hottest days of summer. It's time for the beach and for fun. However, the Universe advises that we be particularly careful during the period of retrograde Mercury - August 13 - 28.

During August, the stars promise increased activity for all zodiac signs. Mercury is going to act favorably on the love and professional fronts. The time is particularly well-suited for starting a family and large-scale purchases.

Those who perform intellectual labor are also going to achieve successes. During August, do not turn down a friendly helping hand. Concordance of action is helping you take the next step toward your high goals.

Romantic relationships are going to be developing faster than ever throughout August. Those who are open and seeking contacts are going to most effectively be able to take advantage of the energy. The end of the month is when you'll be able to fix any mistakes you may have made over the past several months in your relationships. For many people, this period is going to be a new beginning, marked by the overcoming of unhealthy habits and the start of a healthy way of life. August is going to bring the most luck to Aquarians, Leos and Capricorns.

Aries - Impose yourself!

The very beginning of the month itself is giving you an opportunity to reach your dream goals. This is going to improve your financial state. Make your next move the way you would like to. Use the calm of the workplace environment to impose your own models and methods of work. The middle of the month is meant to be a time for a break and shared moments with the family. Toward the end of the month, you're going to do seemingly harmless things which will later on play a bad joke on you. The last days of August are going to shock you with an unexpected event.

Taurus - Hang on, everything is going to work out

During August, family-related issues are coming to the forefront. It's time to handle a problem affecting the home. You're more sensitive than usual, which is going to confuse you even more. You regret missed opportunities. If you feel that there is a chance of improvement, don't delay, act. Don't confuse reality with fantasy. Watch out for financial losses. All the built-up pressure is going to dissipate at the end of the period, when issues related to increasing income are going to take center stage. You're not going to have much wiggle room for action but you can make a plan of action.

Gemini - Don't give in to manipulation

At the beginning of this period you have to avoid serious decisions and important steps. Leave things as they are. You don't really know why certain things are happening to you. The reason is that someone else is pulling the strings, yet you're not even realizing their intentions. It would be best to take a neutral stance, instead of choosing one side over the other. Be careful when using alcohol and medicine. At mid-month, love relations are going to take center stage. Use the period until the end of August to finish old things that you haven't had time to so far. Take action toward improving your personal well-being.

Cancer - A truly dynamic month

For most Cancers, August begins with travel. There may be surprising changes in circumstances but this is just going to be some nice variety for you. Things are going to be developing quite well - have patience. A little bit before mid-month you're going to have a conflict with a loved one - don't ignore their interests. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines. If necessary - will for a 2nd job. The month promises to be a dynamic one and to alternate romantic moments with ones requiring reason.

Leo - Temper and channel your energy

From the very 1st day of the month you're going to achieve never-before-seen success. This is not only going to serve as a reason to be proud but is also going to increase your earnings. Be more proactive - this is the time for it. Romantic moments are plentiful. Plan your trip abroad. Your activeness is heightened. However, this increases your risk of over-exhaustion and rash actions. You have interesting and strange ideas but with time you'll realize that they're not particularly good. Throughout August there's going to be many surprising events, all of them working entirely to your advantage. The final days of the month are going to be on the boring side but you can add some variety.

Virgo - August is your month, enjoy it

Traditionally, August has been a good month for you. It'd be best if you devoted it to yourself, to developing your personal goals and interests. At the beginning of the period, you're going to make an important decision regarding home and family. Alcohol does not have a good influence on you. Throughout the period of retrograde Mercury, starting August 14, you're going to have the opportunity to reorganize your emotions and feelings. Part with all of the items that you don't have room for and don't need. The last days of the month come bearing tranquility, with which you'll be able to provide the best for yourself. It's also best to take a break.

Libra - Solidify your authority

You're going to experience a pleasant surprise having to do with your personal growth at the very start of August. You're going to receive a long-awaited confession. The stars demand that you show more discipline and consistency in your actions, in order to solidify your authority. Focus as much as you can on work. If you work alone you'll be maximally productive. Plus, no one is going to mess around and confuse you that way. Throughout August, you'll need to plan, not act. Focus more on your health in the final days of the month.

Scorpio - The nontraditional approach comes out on top

The beginning of the month is going to be successful for all representatives of the sign that have a job involving creativity. The month brings good results in everything that requires fantasy and imagination. Routine is just not for you. Take the nontraditional approach to handling your obligations. Avoid court lawsuits and large-scale purchases this month. Traveling abroad also isn't recommended. The stars are giving you the opportunity to easily achieve your personal goals in the middle of the month, so long as you don't manipulate people. Conflicts with your partner will arise at the end of the month. The period is extremely inappropriate for clearing up your relations.

Sagittarius - You lack discipline

The month begins with setbacks. The reason is your inconsistency and lack of discipline. Soon you'll realize where your mistake lies and you'll know what to do in order to compensate for the losses. It's difficult for you to balance between love and work. This is going to lead to conflicts with your partner. No matter how much you try to clarify things, you're still not going to reach a compromise. Don't borrow money and don't go out with large sums of money on you. Be more economical. The end of the month will require that you increase your qualification and gain new knowledge.

Capricorn - Take maximum advantage of the privileges given to you

The beginning of August is a peaceful time for Capricorn. Atypical for the period, mid-month is going to be good for business. You have the opportunity to make favorable deals that are going to lead to a serious increase in your earnings. Be very careful what you promise your partner throughout this period. Your actions are sometimes hasty, leading to the corresponding consequences. At the end of the month you're going to turn into a leader, whom everyone is going to value. Take advantage of everything at your disposal - this will bring many benefits and profits.

Aquarius - Complete tranquility takes over

The month of August means tranquility for Aquarius. If you're not on vacation, then remain patient and be sure to plan in detail every single one of your actions. This is a peaceful period, during which you can perfect your values. A desire for growth rises in you. Demand that you're given what you've been working for and what you deserve. The last days of the months are not good for arguments of any kind.

Pisces - Time to clean up

Important decisions mark the beginning of the month. Limit your communication to a minimum. Observe and collect impressions. The month comes with a cleanup period - both literally and figuratively. Don't hesitate, quickly get rid of everything that doesn't bring you any satisfaction. Some Pisces are starting renovation. Your personal life is going to get a move on in the middle of the month. If you feel that your life needs stronger emotions - listen to your intuition. The good summer vibe toward the end of August is going to be the most suitable time for realizing your creative projects. You're not going to spare any efforts and are going to be working nonstop. You may even transform your hobby into a profitable business.

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