Zodiac Pendulum

Star Prognosis for July 28

The day is going to be exceptionally fruitful. Our intuition heightens today. This brings various abilities to all of the zodiac signs. Contacts of all sorts will be easily initiated.

Today, the Moon enters Libra. This is a suitable time for a break after all the demanding work you've done. Don't start anything new. Finish what you've already started and planned. The day is suitable for collaboration based on mutual understanding.

If negative moments catch up to you, they're going to complicate things in terms of decision making. As such, the day is not suitable for making important decisions.

Currently, the Moon is waxing. This is the best time for different kinds of undertakings, as they will gain an additional impulse and energy for their development.


Today you're going to realize that it's not too late to restore all the good things between you and your partner. The important thing is to invest the required amount of effort - no more, no less. Any shortage or excess is going to make your mission go up in smoke. This fully applies to your work as well.


You're reacting enthusiastically to everything happening to you today. This is going to have something to do with your partner. They're achieving a lot and you're proud of that. Everything's routine at the workplace.


You're going to be beset by an indescribable gamma of feelings today. You're going to be so excited that it's going to affect your ability to produce articulated speech. Those responsible for your problems lately are in front of you. Don't yell too loudly - there's no point in complicating things. All you need to do is calmly explain to the person responsible what they need to do.


Others are burdening you with their ideas and thoughts. You'll have to act following another's playbook, with this not allowing you to think much about the point of what is happening. You're advised to only accept proposals that benefit you. Things are slowing down, giving you some time for assessment.


Your beloved is going to try to outsmart you or keep you wrapped around their little finger. Don't be overly suspicious because they aren't doing it out of pure treachery. Indeed, the delusion comes from your own conviction that there's some hidden agenda against you. The world doesn't revolve around you - no one's plotting against you.


The day brings a rather mysterious energy to you. You're attracted to activities shrouded in mystery, which are nontypical for you. The stars advise you to give them a shot but to also remain sober-minded. Events are allowing you a slightly broader view of the world.


The stars are giving you the opportunity to unexpectedly change your life for the better. The step you're going to take is a bold and unique one. Have no doubt - you're ready for it. Don't waste time deliberating. You're growing closer to your coworkers simply because you're capable of charming anyone today.


You may run into health problems today. Issues are also possible in the family, which will grow into quarrels. You're going to wish you could disappear but luckily, the feeling will be temporary. Take a short walk before lunch and breathe some fresh air. The proposals you receive today are going to be unusual and unexpected. Spend the evening in a comfortable setting.


Your friends bring you joy. They're supporting you in every undertaking without reserve. Today you're going to resolve a health-related problem that's been bothering you lately. Avoid making mistakes having to do with documents. Try to be more careful in your work.


The day isn't going to be easy or pleasant for you. It brings misunderstandings and awkward situations, sparking tension in communication and relationships. You're capable of keeping the peace but you are going to have to work for it. Someone close to you isn't going to live up to your expectations but will in exchange provide you the chance to learn something new about yourself. Your lowered potential may disintegrate your self-esteem - don't let it. Give up your bad habits and enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables.


You're extremely special to many people. If you get involved in a quarrel that's smoothly evolving into a scandal and threatening a breakup, it's not the end of the world. The significance of the occurrence is highly exaggerated. The probability of everything working itself out is high. But if it doesn't despite everything, don't worry - at least you won't be bored.


You're going to discover a notable person to talk to among your social circle. But ultimately you're going to have to end your conversations because you do have other work to do. Expect to have many such experiences in the near future.

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