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See What the Stars Have in Store for you for July 25

Today it would be best if you didn't miss the wonderful aspect of the waxing Moon. Get up early and finish your urgent work because during the first part of the day, events and planned tasks will be developing at breakneck speed. In this period you may receive new opportunities and make new decisions - take advantage of them.

Finish up all activities until 12:30 pm. The Moon will then be void of course and won't allow you to do anything. Be still and breathe deep.

After 1:30 pm, we enter the 2nd active part of the day, when the Moon enters the ever-productive Virgo. Precise and analytical, it will help you in every aspect that requires diligence and attention. For these reasons, leave your methodical work for the evening hours.


The current aspect makes you feel and look good. Your aura is attracting friendly people. You're going to play host to small gatherings of friends. Enjoy your time off in the company of those close to you. Others around you like and accept your ideas. Reviews regarding your persona are entirely positive.


Today you have to make important business decisions. A conflict of interests is present and you're going to be one to face the consequences. Arguing and physical confrontation are not good solutions. You want to be a leader, so act like one. The results of the transition today may be negative if you're not careful. The reason for this will be the changes and strained relations with your bosses, coworkers and partners. Therefore, it's best to avoid conversations and face-to-face meetings. You'd only be causing damage to yourself, including the material kind.


Your vital energy is boiling. New ideas come one after the other. Your work capacity is increasing. In combination with this, relations with the opposite sex lead to excitement. Don't rush to make important decisions because you may be fooling yourself. Listen to the advice of others and you'll find the right path to take.


Your emotional needs are pushing you toward victory. But obstacles appear along the way. The reason is that your ego and feelings are in conflict and pulling you in 2 different directions. Distance yourself from the current situations and you'll gain an entirely new perspective about what's going on. This way you'll find the balance between the 2 influences.


You desire and have the opportunity to take part in many, diverse contests. You're constantly seeking new methods of expressing yourself, while doing so will help you resolve many problems. This isn't the first time that your business problems have intertwined with your everyday tasks, although this is just stimulating you to deal with several things simultaneously. Your popularity is growing and you're winning the praise and support of higher ups. Resolve your financial issues - the stars support you.


Your activeness, energy, initiative and self-confidence are increasing incredibly. Your actions have been well-planned and are constructive. You don't stop seeking new ways to show your creative side. The time is favorable for business deals. Every activity that requires decisiveness is one that you have a gift for and which brings you pleasure.


Small obstacles arise in your communication with higher-ups. Differing opinions subordinates and coworkers can hurt business and financial proceeds. Emotional, egotistical, ambitious, you're even capable of expressing a dose of aggression, the worst possible thing you can do.


Today you're definitely the center of the universe. At the same time, you're experiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction but only when events don't develop in accordance with your own plans. The way the day develops depends on how you handle your ego. If you keep it under control, the world and the cosmos will respond to your wishes. You get over-exhausted easily - be easy on your body and mind.


The day marks the beginning of a fun and leisurely period. In the family setting, a quarrel having to do with finance will erupt. Your desires exceed your abilities. This may lead to problems in relationships. Think about whether the things you want are truly things you need.


Your moods change rapidly. This is an obstacle at the workplace. You're not going to find understanding and support. Your subordinates or coworkers are going to noticeably resist. Today is one of the most favorable periods for financial operations and deals. It would be best if you give yourself a break.


You feel the way you look - absolutely perfect. You're successfully balancing emotions and identity. For you, this is an all-encompassing positive aspect. Its influence is going to help you succeed in many aspects that require sound judgement. Your personal motivation keeps you moving forward.


Today, you're in a phase of growth. The high energy and its flow are helping you achieve whatever you desire. The odds are in your favor. You achieve never-before-seen successes but sabotage your own efforts. The reason is over-exhaustion. Rely on a moderate pace instead.

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