The Most Accurate Daily Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs for February 24

The week started off quite tensely and unfortunately, this same trend will continue in the last work day of the week. Despite the presence of the Moon in Aquarius and the harmonious aspect between the 2, this won't be enough to mitigate the rest of the difficult influences.

Be especially careful when communicating with higher-ups because there is a danger of slip of the tongue bringing you a heap of troubles.

You may find yourself burdened with extra work but don't expect compensation for it. If possible, avoid signing important documents because there's a danger of making an investment that isn't likely to pay off.


You're going to have to swallow your pride and take the criticisms aimed toward you today into consideration because this is one of those rare occasions where you aren't right and need to draw back. Instead of fighting against the change, try to gain momentum by going with it. You have all the chances of coming out the winner in the situation if you pull yourself together and give everything you've got to fix your mistake.


Sometimes you need to spend some time alone. The important thing is not to overdo it because in that way you're gradually alienating yourself from those around you, inevitably worsening your feeling of loneliness. Today, it would be good to call a friend or someone close to you who you haven't seen recently and to plan something together. Taureans in a relationship are going to receive a romantic proposal they simply won't be able to resist.


It's hard to live with you and with all the people that live in you. It really is a challenge for someone to love you, so try to keep a rein on your fickle nature at least today. It's possible that many representatives of the sign will experience a strong feeling of jealousy toward their partner, with it even escalating to pain. You're advised not to jump to any conclusions and not jumping on the case of those you love.


Today, there's not going to be even a trance of your usual calm and confidence, which you're known for among your social circle. You're going to be plagued by uncertainty and inner doubt, which will lead to negative consequences at work and conflicts with the family. This may be due to the exhaustion that's piled up, as well as the series of hits you're going to take. Try to pull back to a corner in order to take a breather and to gather the strength and confidence that'll help you deal with the troubles.


You're being tortured by a strong feeling of jealousy toward your partner but let's not beat around the bush - it's not without due cause. You're not used to being ignored and playing second fiddle - this is eating you up inside. It's all too likely that the problems in your personal life will negatively affect your performance at the workplace, no matter how much you try to keep them separate. Focus on your work because you can't afford failure there.


Your artistic nature is in its element and you're flying on the wings of imagination and creative energy. Perhaps today you're going to create a masterpiece, who knows? Virgos who are professional athletes can also expect successes, as well as those working in the fields of cinema and theater. Many Virgos may feel the urge to seek a drastic change on the professional front but are recommended to resist similar impulses, in order to spare themselves severe disappointments and financial losses.


Even though you normally get along well with others, today communication with coworkers may turn out to be a real test of patience for both sides. You're advised not to try to impose your opinion, to avoid becoming isolated and lonely. Exhibit patience that's not typical of you and you're going to be rewarded with a pleasant evening in the company of your entire family.


Even beneath the hardest carapace and most poisonous tail, one can find a vulnerable heart - your heart, Scorpios. Today you're feeling non-typically sensitive and even the slightest criticism may upset you. It is unclear whether this is due to the new person in your life or your communication with sensitive zodiac signs. Don't try to get closer to strangers, for they are only going to take advantage of your momentary weakness and try to trick you.


You're fixated on a specific idea and refuse to accept that it's not going to happen. You firmly believe in the power of positive thinking but you are advised to also look for other opportunities that you're missing. Many Sagittarii may find themselves falling into unforeseen financial difficulties due to the expensive purchases and gifts they've allowed themselves these part few days. Try to plan your expenditures more carefully, in order not to worsen your temporary financial crisis.


Contrary to what you're used to doing - going full speed ahead, today Capricorns are advised to refrain from impulsive actions and to very carefully think over not just their actions but their words as well. A single slip of the tongue could cost you dearly at work and in your personal life as well. But the planets are sympathetic to your cause, so allow yourself to hope for unexpected financial earnings, such as winning the lottery.


It's time to take a fundamentally different approach to your problems. Instead of trying to resolve all of them, walk away from the struggles that simply cannot be won. You're used to seeing things through to the end but sometimes the efforts spent in trying to achieve something surpass its benefit multiple times over. Focus on your health because your body is on the brink of exhaustion.


You feel emotionally vulnerable today and are trying to isolate yourself from the entire world. This would be a mistake because you're surrounded by people who love and care about you. Don't limit your contacts with others, instead try to pour your emotions into something creative, beautiful and sincere. Express your creative energy, go all out and you'll find the results to be surprisingly good.

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